Pharmaceutical industry: a certain decline in valuation from last week is expe
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National League securities First, the industry dynamic tracking 1, Development and Reform Commission: December 12 from seventh into two major categories of drugs average price 2, the public hospital reform next year, changes in social security payments in seven key areas 3,5 years after the individual with medical expenses to 3 into the following Second, an important dynamic review of listed companies Third, the main raw material tracking drug prices Deadline Nov. 30, the latest offer of penicillin industrial salt by the end of October compared to 70 yuan / BOU raised to 75 yuan / BOU. November 4 Zhuhai United Laboratories [17.00 3.66%] 6-APA and raised the price of amoxicillin 230 ,6-APA offer / kg, amoxicillin 240 Price / kg. Ceftriaxone has been tight supply, price from November 2 to 990 yuan / kg rose to December 1 of 1020 yuan / kg. November 29 the latest offer of vitamin C remained at 50 yuan / kg. November 18 the latest offer for 135 yuan of vitamin E / kg, compared to November 18 offer 150 yuan / kg larger decline. Vitamin A Feed Grade 3 December quotations remained at 135 yuan / kg. November 25 Calcium Pantothenate offer 50 / kg, still low levels. Fourth, the pharmaceutical industry valuation tracking As of December 5, 2010 price-earnings ratio is 45.07 times the industry as a whole, compared with last week, a certain decline in the valuation, which is the original inquest Development and Reform Commission reduced the maximum foreign retail price makes the market price for certain drugs due to the expected In addition, the pharmaceutical industry compared to the proportion of total premium of A shares as of December 5, 2010 to 2.37 in the short term we believe that the negative effect of weakening the broader market weakness in the process of finishing the characteristics of steady growth in the industry will be the hedge funds priority, coupled with the pressure this week's decline makes the valuation of a certain slowing down, the plate is expected to usher in a rebound opportunity. V. Price range