China strong domestic pharmaceutical industry is big but not 97% of generic dru
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China's pharmaceutical industry is big but not strong, and 5,000 pharmaceutical companies there is no one to enter the world top 50 pharmaceutical. Foreign Investment Enterprises Association of Pharmaceutical Industry Research and Development Committee (RDPAC) recently released "Pharmaceutical Quality System Research Project" report, in the Chinese mainland market, the U.S. pharmaceutical market share of 64%; among the top ten domestic The pharmaceutical companies together account for only less than 5% of the market share. China-based pharmaceutical industry to generic drugs and innovative drug less than 30% market share. It should be noted that in developed countries, generally the market value of patented drugs accounted for 50% of the pharmaceutical market over. However, according to the Chinese Health Economics Institute of Statistics, 97% of the domestic drug for the generic drugs, foreign pharmaceutical companies and joint ventures accounted for the basic patent medicine, the original research drug market. Lack of independent intellectual property rights of innovative drugs, and has become a major weakness pharmaceutical companies. Chen Yi, director of economic affairs RDPAC Health, said "the government's incentive policies to guide the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry is essential." Such as Japan in order to encourage enterprises to create new drugs, an increase in new drug pricing system, innovation, effectiveness, and many other indicators. Japanese government innovation increases the proportion of 40% from 2002 to 2008 rose 70% -120% over the same period Japan's top ten pharmaceutical companies by the average R & D investment also increased to 13.8% of sales 20.9%. Enterprises establish and improve the quality and safety system, require a significant investment, support and guide the rational policy would be conducive to business development and competitiveness of quality as the primary target.