China Medical shares led with the concept of super bacteria
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Hong Kong Time 0952 - Pharmaceutical stocks led the gains, with the concept of super bacteria further rebound, but continuous material is limited. Union Square, Central Pharmaceutical and medicine day limit, up 5.14% Zhejiang Medicine. Shanghai-based analyst believes that health , The Ministry of super bacteria infections, to the financial speculation of the reason for this concept; the venue earlier in the resource sector capital to get a huge profit, so the homeopathic transfer positions, switch to medicine section, so there are not related with the antibiotics Stocks have also been brought high; but it still only short-term funds, and some pharmaceutical stocks have been some rebound in the near future, material stocks finished lower or there recently, market or only in two or three days. Website of the Ministry of Health announced Tuesday The recent past in the collection and preservation of the detection of isolates were detected in three NDM-1 gene-positive bacteria.