England warns customer careful with eyesight Lu Meigen of be good at pharmacy dr
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Limited company of be good at pharmacy is about to be American eyesight to treat glaucoma only " Lumeigen " drop eye fluid applies for cosmetic licence. Because use,this kind of product can let eyelash lengthen inside short time. But the side effect that considers fluid of eye of this kind of drop, england reminds consumer to be used cautiously about the branch.
   Odd result
The external use that the Lumeigen that limited company of be good at pharmacy produces vision is remedial glaucoma drips eye fluid. The eyelash of a lot of eye disease patients that had used it is apparently long. The patient that only an eye uses liquid of eye of Lu Meigen drop can pass contrast double key point, the eyelash that sees that eye that has used it apparently becomes more, longer, blacker. Limited company of be good at pharmacy saw vision the latent capacity that drop eye fluid regards Lumeigen as eye ministry cosmetic, the plan applies for cosmetic licence in the United States. American Miami university did a test, a kind of gel is joined in Lumeigen, turn similar eyelash into the material that cream. Researcher asks to suffer the person that try to give at the same time eyelash besmear contains Lumeigen cream body, across eyelash besmears cream Lumeigen is not contained in body. The result shows, beautiful root of Tu Han Lu creams the eyelash of body is in 6 Zhouneisheng grows 2 millimeter, double speed is parallel form.
Researcher up to now the principle that indecipherable eyelash lengthens, the scientist guesses to be contained in Lumeigen hormonal kind hormone stimulates eyelash to grow. Accident hairdressing effect of Lu Meigen makes England opened a Lumeigen 2006 prescription of eye ointment or eyedrops exceeds 350 thousand pieces, than 2005 tower above 40% . The whole world includes false eyelash every year inside total sales volume of beautiful cilia product is as high as 2 billion pound (add up to) of 3.2 billion dollar about, product of eyelash of Lu beautiful root predicts to be in the earliest next year can throw on the market, high sales volume of product of ascend body beautiful cilia competes. Once Lu Meigen throws a sale as cosmetic, the person that still can let suffer from trichomadesis disease to cause madarosis is benefited. Professor Walaili Randal that American cloth draws academy of medical sciences of biology of university of heart blessing heart is opposite 26 days England " daily Post " the reporter says: "Be good at company is becoming American vision now, expand namely medication the action in other side. " he still says: "After we understand action principle of Lumeigen more, still can apply it on the problem that alopecia is treated or other concerned hair grows. Still can apply it on the problem that alopecia is treated or other concerned hair grows..
   Careful use
British medicines and chemical reagents and health care taste management board 26 days to remind say, after the person that is about to use Lumeigen to promote eyelash to grow had better wait for it to be checked through cosmetic safety, buy again use. England " peaceful interview person newspaper " ever will report use Lumeigen drips last year in November eye fluid may bring about an eye aglow, scratchy wait for side-effect, cause blindness even. Medicines and chemical reagents and health care taste management board to make known his position to say at that time: "Lu Meigen can pass doctor prescription to obtain only, and cannot make cosmetic use. " Laisili Bowman says the member that rice of American Miami university straps survey of academic hairdressing dermatological department: "The product of a lot of copy Lu beautiful roots enters American market, once those products drip inside eyeball of pleasant to see, will deepen iris color permanently. " (medical news network)
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