10 thousand east medical treatment: Aim at market of equipment of basic level me
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The propulsion that changes as cure and cure protect the enlarge facial expression of the market, enterprise of medical apparatus and instruments also will greet big market that needs mining. 10 thousand east Tian Feng of assistant manager of department of medical treatment market says, after this cure changes afterwards new rural area to build, again ecbolic market of basic level medical treatment considerably enlarge look, the company has aimed at market of equipment of basic level medical treatment to had made technical preparation, await cure to change next plan and way only.
As we have learned, 10 thousand east the project of equipment of rural medical treatment that medical treatment rolls out in the light of rural market before this is being advanced in, but carry as a result of on the low side of this kind of product, although the product is right sale contribution is larger, but profit margin is inferior, be in small interest position basically.
Accordingly, the company also is in domain of research and development of technology of exert oneself high end. The company is in X - of ray generator high frequency change, the intellectual property that compositive ability respect had owned the digitlization of image system and system to become independent, current, high-end product has participated in internationalization competition, also use low end in technology of attempt general high end at the same time on the product.
Tian Feng says, the company undertakes such technology prepares, because the company values cure to change appearance of brought enlarge of market of basic level medical treatment quite,be, accordingly, the plan uses high-end technology low end with inferior cost go in the product, make thereby low end product implementation technology upgrades replacement, reach higher technical level, predict aux will be able to of this kind of product satisfies the equipment requirement of urban community medical establishment.
The more or less will affect company this side to plan progress that the government has finance is thrown to sphere of device of basic level medical treatment. Tian Feng thinks, if the government throws strength to get rising certainly, the preparation of company this side will obtain materiality result.
On October 26, 10 thousand east medical treatment garrisoned ZhongGuanCun area of garden of city of electron of garden of science and technology, here, the number that the key built the company to exceed 8000 to make the same score rice is video base of product research and development.
Modern number is video the building of equipment product line, the engineering capability that makes company magnetism resonance becomes the large and video product such as product of hemal like product, number intervening cure, digital photography product and product of digital stomach bowel and quality safeguard ability got rising apparently, company hi-tech is add the production dimensions that is worth video product expands quickly. Tian Feng says, come so, the company produced production respect to also have larger technical investment and capital investment in large facility. (Chinese negotiable securities signs up for)
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