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Researcher of Japanese Xiong Ben college says 25 days on a symposium, physical punishment can cause immediate effect to cerebrum, research discovers childhood gets for a long time the person of severe physical punishment, atrophic degree should be more than leaf of its cerebra forehead to had not sufferred physical punishment with age person. According to Japan " morning sun news " report, medicine of medicine of graduate school of Xiong Ben college learns to study what Tian Mingmei builds wave university to hold in Ci city county ministry associate professor is friendly " the perfect development of urbanization society and head " on the seminar, reported they and medicine of university of American haing Buddha tie the gain of joint research. Researcher thinks, physical punishment can make by physical punishment person be in mental pressure for a long time under, show encephalatrophy finally. Researcher investigates an object artificially with 23 United States, these people come 15 years old in 4 years old when, have too annual 12 above by fan a slap on the face or the lash that be used takes the experience such as the buttock, and get the time of this kind of torment more than 3 years. Researcher becomes the section that analyses these person cerebra like appearance with magnetism resonance, compare with age person photograph with 22 when had not sufferred physical punishment, result discovery, share of inside of as coriaceous as feeling and appetent and relevant forehead leaf area is average in former cerebra should compare latter small 19. 1 % , buckle relevantly with attention answer before the belt and part of the side outside pledging with the Exiepi related cognitive force the area is carried on the back should compare latter respectively small 16. 9 % and 14. 5 % . The research before this shows, childhood can be caused behaviour by excessive physical punishment obstacle and depressed wait for mental symptom, but physical punishment can cause an effect directly to cerebrum or discover first.

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