China unripe sue Ba Er and its subsidiary to violate Oxytrol patent
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Recently, professional pharmacy company China unripe pharmacy announces, its subsidiary Watson Laboratories encroachs the place in book of orange peel of NDA drug patent with Ba Er pharmacy and its subsidiary Barr Laboratories for the patent of Oxytrol of Lie Huasheng product, to Telahua to lodge a complaint of court of city federal place. This origin that sues bring a case to court is Ba Er Oxytrol is listed in orange peel book before patent expires, refer to FDA brief new drug applies for (ANDA) , the requirement popularizes the copy pharmacy that sells Oxytrol in the United States. Nevertheless, ba Er is in China allege in unripe announce, the patent of Oxytrol is invalid and do not have force, cling to the Er production, product that use or describes in sale ANDA won't violate its patent. Hatch-Waxman act provides a basis for this lawsuit, this federal code superintends the certain respect that copy pharmacy examines and approve. According to this code, of this lawsuit put forward cut back all FDA are checked of Ba Er ANDA examine and approve, 30 months are passed since the give public notice that till confederative place court the court decision supports Ba Er or Cong Huasheng receives Ba Er square recoverable.

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