Achievement of beautiful newest research says AIDS patient should be accepted ea
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According to associated press report, on 26 days of contagion meetings that hold in Washington, achievement of a when American country allergy and contagion institute aid financially large research makes clear, AIDS patient is accepted early medication, is not to resemble previously in that way when the ability when immune system is played havoc with begins to use drug.
This research changes the likelihood the destiny of countless AIDS patient as a result.
According to at present American government is mixed the directive opinion of international AIDS association, the patient is shown in AIDS symptom before, namely cell of every cubic millimeter T is counted in blood reduce 350 before (T cell number of the ordinary person should exceed 800) , do not adopt medication. Because medical bound thinks generally, the curative effect of assorted medicaments therapy that although take the place of from 1990,metaphase begins to use is distinct, but this kind of therapeutics can cause a heart problem, high cholesterol and dysenteric, queasy wait for side-effect, medicaments may be righter than disease itself the body is more harmful, and be able to bear or endure property of a medicine also can reduce medical effect finally. Accordingly, as far as possible late acceptance medications, can reduce the side-effect harm to human body.
But the studies achievement gave out to differ opinion that issues on 26 days of contagion meetings that hold in Washington, researcher thinks through research, should as early as possible truly disease AIDS begins to medication as early as possible, this aux will be able to continues effectively the patient's life.
1996 to between 2006, in Washington university Xiyatu divides tower of auspicious of · of school horse luck to breath out tower doctor guide below, researcher dogs in the United States and Canada investigated number of 8374 T cell to be in 351 to the 500 AIDS patients between. Among them the patient of 30% takes medicaments at the beginning, other patient criterion opinion of comply with guidance, when T cell number falls to be accepted to 350 the following ability medication.
"We send number of existing 70%T cell to be in 351 accept to the 500 patients between after medicationing, relatively had turned with the patient condition that does not treat. " Dr. Jidahada says.
Shengdiyage divides American California university director of project of school contagion research Dr. Robert Sikuli thinks, "All research show, our cure begins too late. Be necessary to be used at the beginning medication. " Dr. Sikuli ever assisted AIDS association to write directive opinion, the company that fights AIDS medicaments for many production is offerred seek advice.
· Dr. Fuci says American country allergy and Anthony of contagion institute director, of medicaments therapeutics perfect and new research achievement will drive a doctor to examine this directive opinion afresh further. He predicts, before the doctor is coaching the opinion gets editing, the patient that can allow them is accepted early medication. And in recent years, the new secondary action that sets medicaments therapeutics is less and less also. A few therapeutics need to be taken everyday only arrive two pill, insist for a long time to take already unchallenged also.
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