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Development of scientist near future gave a kind of new curb bacterium dose, this kind of new-style curb bacterium agent is OK chela is amalgamative counteract bacterial toxin, this brought marked improvement on antibiotic foundation of the standard. This kind of new curb bacterium medicine is called (S)-PolyBAIT, the influence of the annals congratulate toxin that it can protect the small rat that conveys HuSAP not to get toxic dose, latter can bring about coliform organisms the haemolysis sex uremia with toxic common case of illness is asked for integratedly. This group of scientists say, (The toxin that S)-PolyBAIT promoted stability - the formation of HuSAP complexing content, guide them to be kept clear of. Researcher expresses, in antibiotic kills a cell and often letting bacterial toxin release blood. And these new curb bacterium medicines and conventional treatment combination use the bacterium that can be opposite a lot of planting to produce solubility toxin effective, for example the prime criminal with eruptive bromatoxism -- bowel gives O157 of coliform organisms of courage and uprightness: H7. In studying a process, this study main controller David Bundle and design of its work in the same placing gave framework of a kind of polymer, it is OK coliform organisms O157: The annals congratulate toxin of H7 and a kind of serous albumen -- the mankind 5 get together the P of albumen of serum starch appearance in albumen (HuSAP) gather rise, latter is a composition of congenital immunity system. This kind of toxin and immune albumen contain young couple or say to distribute system, distribute system without these they cannot develop a function. Researcher lets polymer framework well and truly go up these match body to attract and captured the target toxin, immunity egg white that kills them.

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