Italy studies " Chinese traditional medicine Wei elder brother " side effect is
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Excessive sheep leaveses of pulse plants a kind of when serve as China common Chinese herbal medicine, can rise " Wei elder brother " action.
Italian investigator considers to show through experiment of animal live body: The compound that contains in this kind of Chinese herbal medicine can be treated erect obstacle, and side-effect should compare chemical little. The target body target that excessive sheep leaveses of pulse plants is specific, the biology that because it contains a kind,can enhance the blood that flows to the penis is enzymatic.
This research achievement will publish on October 24 " periodical of crude agriculture products " go up, it is a professional learning that by American chemistry association establishs study periodical. Common calls Wei elder brother 10 thousand Ai Ke is used extensively remedial male erects obstacle, there is 18 million male to exist in the United States this problem, but put in a few side-effect. Excessive sheep leaveses of pulse plants to basically originate in southern region of China, very long since be regarded as Zhuang Yang medicine. Excessive sheep leaveses of pulse plants in contained active material is PDE5A1, can increase the blood that flows to the penis. Origin: People net - healthy times

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