Watson vaccine incident: The manufacturer checks vaccine to did not discover one
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Yunnan Watson: Accord with a requirement via checking vaccine oneself
Be like,bury Watson represents dead children yesterday responsible be willing to assume
Yesterday, limited company of technology of Wo Sensheng content holds Yunnan press conference, reported the Shandong that at present company place masters to talk about city cheeper to inject the relevant circumstance that incident dies young after this factory HIB is vaccinal.
Zhang Yi of chief inspector of Watson research and development expresses Yunnan, company hope place facilitates as soon as possible about administrative director branch because of,check of child dead body proves a thing. After responsibility is clear, the manufacturer is willing to assume very ought to responsibility. But the report that panel of Shandong place investigation publishs shows, cheeper family member has not agreed with cadaver check.
   Doubt has problem vaccineAlready used more than 40 thousand
Zhang Yi introduces, the company is in Watson after be informed this incident, start lash-up instantly beforehand case, seal up for keeping to what the company produces this to approved vaccine to undertake, reinspect, time-out is sold and use, cooperate Shandong relevant section actively to undertake investigating, with as soon as possible bottom.
They are in on October 21 afternoon after be informed doubt to seem undesirable incident case, to agency of each agency, each area and vaccine use unit gave out time-out to use them that day the announcement with 200709005 batch vaccinal HIB of company cases, seal up for keeping this batches are vaccinal. Company president is driven go to Shandong to talk about a city to handle relevant matters concerned. Subsequently, the company is right stock management, production management, quality management, vaccine is current waited for each link to begin investigate the work oneself in the round, of project of safety of this batches of vaccinal sample in starting library taking shape reinspect, endeavor to facilitate orgnaization of appraisal of national medicines and chemical reagents should approve vaccine to undertake security is checked again to what seal up for keeping. At the same time medicines and chemical reagents of food of city of application jade brook supervises management board to seal up for keeping this batches of vaccinal sample taking shape, cooperated bureau of inspect of medicine of jade brook city to complete spot inspection, the examination did not discover unusual situation as a result.
Watson company checks a circumstance to make clear oneself, the HIB that the company produces is vaccinal, arrive from production carry arrive again store the requirement that accords with a country. This batch of vaccinal add up to 82684, already used more than 40 thousand according to not complete count at present, specific amount still is in at present check in. Outside seeming event except this doubt, watson company never receives this to approve the report of vaccinal and vaccinal deputy reaction. "After if vaccine appears,doubt is like harmful response, the harmful response center that monitor can be in local medicines and chemical reagents to report to superior while, report harmful response incident to the enterprise. But up to now, we have not receive relevant bulletin. " Zhang Yi expresses, at present national disease accuses expert and Shandong to save door of Ministry of Public Health to be like the baby in incident of vaccinal and harmful response to doubt dead reason still is in further investigation.
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