British sanitation chancellery is about to introduce Chinese traditional medicin
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60 years ago, bevan of politician of chancellery of sanitation of government of British the Labour Party, socialism walks into graceful city to pull 5 ward of rich heart hospital especially, the Si Erwei of 13 years old of girls that goes up to lying in the bed is elegant say: "Like having you and the people of the whole country today, see a doctor to draw out money no longer. See a doctor to draw out money no longer..
Since that day, the national health that the means that England raises fund through general duty built the whole people to be benefited is wholesome system, the principle of this system is " no matter individual income how, the different need according to the individual, offer for people comprehensive, free medical treatment serves " .
Chinese medical treatment reforms plan to hope to draw lessons from this kind of mode of England all the time. Nevertheless, british mode also undertook in development process of 60 years a series of the demand that reform will come to get used to a times, accordingly, will tell from particular significance, england provided an important inspiration for China to the reform measure of medical treatment system: Do not put reform of medical treatment system on financing source mainly, and should strengthen the control that flows to to its.
Be worth system of sanitation of British countryman health 60 years anniversary during, · of Allan of British sanitation chancellery makes an appointment with writing abdicate to answer the invitation that Chinese Ministry of Public Health grows old Zhu visits China. On October 27 afternoon, allan · makes an appointment with writing to inferior (Alan Johnson) published in Beijing University " harmonious world -- by the global health now " speech. After the meeting, with respect to the reform of system of health of British countryman sanitation, allan · writings brush abdicate accepted the special report of our newspaper reporter about.
Allan · writings brush abdicate emphasizes about, his visit is " will learn " , it is the medical treatment system that hopes the Chinese traditional medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine of a China introduces England. He thinks, the medical treatment reform that England is undertaking is not the reform of the structural sex that is aimed at system of whole medical treatment, be aimed at the reform that medical treatment health serves however; Chinese government has him to medical treatment reform very comprehensive the understanding with clarity.
   Serve reform in the light of health
" 21 centuries " : At present England is in with respect to national sanitation healthy system undertakes reform, what kind of is reforming target and operation way?
Allan · makes an appointment with writing abdicate: We are not the reform that are aimed at sex of architecture of whole medical treatment, be aimed at the reform that medical treatment health serves however. At present reform carries 3 kinds of kind: The first, provide more choice spaces to give a patient, give the medical treatment of patient individuation plan, achieve the effect that has specific aim treatment finally; The 2nd, your patient gets medical treatment the service is more convenient, let common people win medical treatment in community especially healthful safeguard. We hope to provide more whole family doctors, let whole family doctor can throw more time to undertake medical treatment serves at the same time. Also make those out-of-the-way poor area, can obtain good service; The 3rd, the most important is to improve medical treatment to serve a system the quality of each respect, for instance, we leave what before the time with very short hospital perhaps leaves a hospital, can enquire he is treated in the hospital to experience in the patient, the process be brought into the public that knows whole news next, vitrification.
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