Chinese traditional medicine share price dives: Does inject liquid market encoun
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From October 6 Heilongjiang is over fluid of inject of slender acanthopanax of the thorn that amount to hill appears after incident of serious and harmful response, partial Chinese traditional medicine share price dives, show the market injects to Chinese traditional medicine fluid safety is used arose to be anxious. But, the Chinese traditional medicine that already appeared on the market main area is nice, the state of mind with excessive and at present panicky investor has been adjusted somewhat.
   Excessive and panicky
Be over after incident of fluid of inject of slender acanthopanax of the thorn that amount to hill, inject without thorn slender acanthopanax fluid is pharmacy of the industry of drug of health predestined relationship of this breed, Kunming, medium constant group Chinese traditional medicine kind appear on the market company stock goes now defeat. Up to 9 days of closing quotation, the stock such as industry of drug of a horse dissolving gold of the injection in involving, a thousand pieces of gold falls all exceed 5% , and industry of drug of health predestined relationship, it is to incur a line more 10 big current a fund of partner is urgent check inventory, be in 9 days finally, drop inside 10.76% .
How to believe negotiable securities institute 10 days to point out, this incident to Chinese traditional medicine the get warm again after a cold spell of injection market brings serious blow, injection examines and approve Chinese traditional medicine after will procrastinating, mix put delay, future is examined and approve more will strict. In addition, injection market is in whole Chinese traditional medicine under psychological element influence, appear likely atrophic. Nevertheless, the reporter notices, be in next in a few days, the analyst of many domestic stockjobber is opposite instantly the market is excessive reaction make " correct " .
Country Huang Ting of researcher of banking of medicine of golden negotiable securities thinks, this second be over the incident that amount to hill is a case only, need not generate panic to whole medicine industry. Guo Taijun installs Yi Zhuanwen of negotiable securities institute to point out, industry of drug of health predestined relationship is early dish drop for a time stop, because,be 3 get together cyanogen amine poison suckles incident to just happened before long, produce medicine to savor harmful response event again, capital market is more sensitive to this.
"Industry of this drug of second Kang Yuan by ' accidentally injure ' be told from logic and unreasonable, thorn slender acanthopanax and the hot poison of health predestined relationship are recipe of two kinds of medicaments at all rather, different recipe controls the production below the standard in different quality, the product is not to provide what can compare a gender. " the negotiable securities analyst that Guo Taijun brings points out. The report that install comes from Guo Taijun shows, through Jiangsu province harmful response detects center 1.2.
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