Germany 1800 people may catch AIDS and hepatitis filthily because of injector
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According to ministry of southwest of Germany of report of Xinhua News Agency cling to ascend, government of Ma Lingen county admits division of stannum of Fu Tengbao city 24 days, a clinic of local exposes to the sun an infection scandal, even more 1800 people may catch AIDS and hepatitis.
German media reports, came to was in in October 2007 in January 2005 this clinic exsanguinate, give or take an injection the 1800 much people that reach infusion are likely because injector affects AIDS and second filthily model or third hepatitis. This one scandal is exposed by a few of clinic doctor female assistant. They say, a female doctor of ear-nose-throat specialized subject that is 56 years old ever repeated use the injector without sufficient disinfection. Origin: Net of chaste tree Hunan

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