GSK obtains ill vaccine of AFFiRiS Aercihaimo to plan exclusive right
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Recently, company of products of Shi Kesheng content and Austrian AFFiRiS company announce Ge Lan element, two already signed an agreement to award arrowroot orchid element Shi Ke AFFiRiS the exclusive right that Aercihaimo ill vaccine plans. This plan aims with β - amylaceous appearance albumen treats Aercihaimo disease for target dot.
As one part of the agreement, element history overcomes Ge Lan biological product company (GSK) will obtain disease of two Aercihaimo to await the exclusive development that elects vaccine and commercial promotion to counterpoise. These two kinds await choosing medicaments is the AFFiTOPE technology development that is based on AFFiRiS, having Ⅰ period clinical trial at present. AFFiRiS still awards arrowroot orchid element Shi Kexuan the Aercihaimo disease that choose is developed and commercial promotion develops level before its are clinical replaces vaccine to await the right that picks medicaments.
According to the agreement, AFFiRiS pays the in advance that gets 22.5 million euro, and still can receive level sex to pay in the future reach sale deduct a percentage. If await the business that picks vaccine to popularize a success, the total value of this agreement may achieve 430 million euro. This agreement got the approval of governmental authorities.
Two companies show, in trading this, the most important part is the AFFiTOPE technology of AFFiRiS. Adopt this technique, can special to having adherent and idiosyncratic protein undertakes designing, make its suit to be used at developing antagonism to resemble β very much - such mankind sends amylaceous appearance albumen the vaccine of ill albumen. β - the culprit that amylaceous appearance albumen causes Aercihaimo disease just about.
Shi Ke of arrowroot orchid element's president holds Si Difen of · of general manager Ran concurrently the Buddhist nun expresses: "The impression that AFFiRiS technology gave us to leave profundity -- the professional knowledge that integrates our innovation support system, this collaboration will raise us to discover cure successfully the machine of the new method of this one major disease leads Aercihaimo disease. "

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