Take medical head agent to cannot be abused doubly
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Medicine learns to go up to have truly " head the agent is double " concept, it is when showing first time takes drug, want with dosage double, but Zhao Mou thinks by accident take any drug, as long as " head the agent is double " , can heighten curative effect, accelerate recovery. Actually, "Head the agent is double " apply to certain antibacterial only.

When taking certain antibacterial, want " head the agent is double " , because breed in the bacteria,be earlier, take doubly can make medicaments reachs virtual value quickly in the chroma in blood, enhance the action of bacterium of antiseptic, curb. If head the agent is not double, cannot reach effective consistency quickly, the fast breed that can give a bug leaves time, make bacteria generation is able to bear or endure thereby property of a medicine, disease of incur loss through delay is treated. With sulphanilamide different Zun piece for exemple, its half-life is 6 hours about, namely if head the agent is double, chroma of drug of 6 hours of blood after profess to convinced tends stable, can exterminate a bacteria effectively. If head the agent is not double, need 12 hours to just reach stable hematic drug consistency, the bacteria may breed inside these a few hours quickly.

"Head the agent is double " cannot misinterpret, cannot abuse more, take the dose that regulation of manual of strict comply with wants when medicine, or follow the doctor's advice sincerely.