Open dermatitis to make the same score the mystery that causes sexual precocity
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Some babies perspire much, hip can appear eczema, itch again painful, change diaper child to be met every time wow wow cry continuously.

Some parents take the dermatitis that in becoming a monk or nun, uses at ordinary times to make the same score ointment, think child Tu Mei, when but become them to see,containing certain hormone among them, can't help worrying again rise, these hormone affect for fear that the child is healthy, cause sexual precocity even.

What what external use contains in ointment is coriaceous steroid hormone, without sex hormone composition, because this won't cause sexual precocity. Because hormone is had very strong fight phlogistic action, can alleviate the dermatitis of mosquito bite, diaper skin that cause red, Sao is urticant, so, in the ointment with a lot of commonly used dermatosis, contain coriaceous steroid hormone. This kind of hormone still has very strong immunity inhibition, to the skin disease that immunity causes unusually, wait to have better curative effect like eczema of children psoriasis, baby.

Since hormone has these effect, once adopt the child,delicate skin enters system inside, won't disturb oneself hormone synthesis, cause endocrine disorder? Actually won't. External use surface of skin of ointment Tu Yu, active ingredient needs to pass compact corneous layer ability to be sucked enter human body, and attrition of the clothings in daily life, contact can touch some of ointment, the amount that is absorbed actually by human body consequently is very small, won't cause systemic side effect commonly. But, long-term large area uses the hormone ointment with very strong action, local skin can appear dermatitis of appearance of dilate of atrophic, blood capillary, much wool, acne. If be below dermatologist guidance, won't cause afore-mentioned side effect.

Skin cutin layer of the child is thinner, the daub area of ointment is unfavorable the 1/3 that exceeds substance appearance to accumulate. The skin weakness such as facial, cervical, alar, inguinal, external genital organs is in easy absorb medicaments, should little Tu Xie. The ointment that contains hormone with daily it is advisable to be used twice, daily gross should not exceed children 25 grams, the cheeper of 3 years old of less than is in 10 grams less than, can prevent hormone so " behavior of against the law " . Some parents are afraid that the child cries be troubled by, give child daub often ointment, cause excess very easily so, bring about side-effect happening.

The side effect that contains hormone ointment besides concern with area of use frequency, daub, the form of a drug of ointment also goes to particular function since the meeting. Frost agent, salve is excitant small, suit children to use. Generally speaking, action of the hormone in ointment is stronger, its side effect is bigger also. Accordingly, besides certain disease (like wind of psoriasis, white purplish or white patches on the skin) outside the hormone ointment that must use powerful effect (resemble containing the ground the Saimisong, times ointment of his Mi Song) , the ointment that effect loses in still choosing commonly had better, be like cortisone of acetic acid hydrogen sulfide commonly usedly to wait.
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