How does day of winter of patient of alvine stomach trouble use drug
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In the winter, cold weather makes a few diseases enter tall hair season, also make the illness accentuates or appear of a lot of patients repeatedly, if gastric bowel,the disease is in more easily winter rise in revolt. Those who understand the enteron disease such as gastritis, gastric ulcer, dyspeptic, diarrhoea with medicine very be necessary.

Symptom with painful if appear,give priority to bellyacke symptom, starve especially painful, usable H2 suffers body retarder, if the law not replaces Buddhist nun of fourth, thunder,replace man. Additional, in officinal and acetanilide effect is very good also, if chaste tree spends gastric Kang Ning, Si Dashu.

The symptom gives priority to the remedy that protective tummy should use below this kind of circumstance with bilging, get like Li Zhu happy, add again with bite beautiful jade, the effect is better.

The patient sheet that has stomach trouble originally eats bite beautiful jade effect is not good, but if mix other some kind of stomach medicine is operable, can enhance its action, the result is favorable; Originally healthy person sheet eats bite beautiful jade effect is OK still.

Formulary area is become in, can use a tummy health U, Chenxiang shows White Dew, right full bilge have favorable effect.

The gastritis with longer time is like patient of atrophic sex gastritis, on the foundation of afore-mentioned medicaments, add even use gastric answer spring, the medicaments such as 39 stomaches peaceful, general effect is better.

The bacterial sex diarrhoea that diarrhoea winter produces, because food is antiseptic,basically be not complete, like to eat be caused by of food of raw or cold food. Below this kind of circumstance, the patient can take sick at heart of the Pai that nod fluorine. Of course, this is take temporary solution only, want an effect a permanent cure, must not eat food of raw or cold food as far as possible, leftover dish should heat, had better boil.

Diarrhoea also may be virus sex. This kind of diarrhoea has a few typical symptoms: Belch, defecate shows rare sample, bowel to cry active (abdomen has continual cry) , companion sends infection of the upper respiratory tract to wait. At this moment the patient is divided outside using antibiotic, add capsule of fluid of healthy atmosphere of the wrinkled giant hyssop that use a site, wrinkled giant hyssop to wait again, the effect is better.

Occurrence diarrhoea, not easily infusion. The main purpose of infusion is not to fight affect and stop have diarrhoea, fill however water. Cause apparent dehydration symptom when diarrhoea only when, just need infusion.

After indigestion has dyspeptic person dinner, often feel abdomen bilges, uncomfortable. At this moment if eat 1 bite beautiful jade, or capsule of 3 wrinkled giant hyssop (but cannot use liquid of healthy atmosphere of wrinkled giant hyssop) , can eliminate dyspeptic symptom well. In officinal gastric disappear feeds medium Jiang Zhongjian piece also can use, but likelihood the effect not as good as bite beautiful jade and capsule of wrinkled giant hyssop.
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