Aweto is not all-purpose cordial can serve as only auxiliary with medicine
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Be in clinical on, the children that often sees family of a little special poverty-stricken gets the father and mother of cancer for give presents, unexpectedly scrape together maintain the money that earn a living to buy " advanced and magical all-purpose aweto " thing. We sympathize with these painful patients and the children of heart having filial piety very much, but what also be them is ignorant and regretful.

Aweto calls Chinese caterpillar fungus again, bug and careless union are formed together, winter is insect, summer grows a grass from insect. Bug is the larva of moth of bat of Chinese caterpillar fungus, grass is fungus of a kind of Chinese caterpillar fungus. The summer, insect originates in egg the ground, damp and loose earth layer is gotten after through a month or so hatch becomes larva. A kind of mould in earth invaded larva, grow inside larval body. Through a winter, to the 2nd year spring comes, mould mycelial begins to grow, grow an area to summerly weather, the exterior resembles a small grass, such, larval the body and mould mycelial comprised jointly complete " aweto " .

Aweto is seen very by a lot of people " Jin Gui " , very big because it originates in altitude commonly,an element is the high hilly area of 3000 meters of above is taken, not only the amount is little and pluck hard, because of this content with rare for expensive. Actually, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks aweto is not cure-all panacea, its flavour pleasant, the gender is lukewarm, have hemostatic and beneficial kidney filling lung, expectorant function, apply to all sorts of lobar empty, disease that two empty cause kidney empty or lobar kidney only, impotent to kidney empty, lobar empty is long cough, the disease such as empty of ill rear body, spontaneous has better curative effect. Aweto is Chinese traditional medicine, but its medical effect actually very common, even if advocate the kidney that treat lung of two empty long cough asthma, also can serve as only auxiliary with medicine, and should be in phlegmy little or without phlegmy when ability is used. Basically useless to irritability asthma.

With Chinese caterpillar fungus the water that boil drinks the optimal method that is body of take good care of sb when tea, chinese caterpillar fungus boils water, tower above of nutrient utilization rate is very much. Drink water of Chinese caterpillar fungus to seem to drink kongfu tea to be paid attention to euqally, above all, want to choose the jug of a transparent glass, glass won't resemble violet arenaceous admit nutrition and taste in that way, won't pledge like other material household utensils produces chemical reaction euqally easily more, return the change that can observe color of water of the Chinese caterpillar fungus in crock at the same time. Put 3~6 Chinese caterpillar fungus, this should see an individual be opposite the economic capacity of pH indicator be fond of and oneself.