A few medicines and chemical reagents and food are unfavorable take at the same
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In the light of a few food are taken to the possibility produces poisonous side effect or reduce medical effect at the same time when taking drug, medicines and chemical reagents of Yinchuan city food supervises management board to remind, both and unfavorable take at the same time.

For instance, take a moment of the root of red-rooted salvia of medicine made of two or more ingredients grandma of unfavorable edible beans. The root of red-rooted salvia of medicine made of two or more ingredients piece bases is ketone of the root of red-rooted salvia, can reduce the biology availability of the root of red-rooted salvia.

Take prednisone a moment unfavorable edible crosses much salt. Prednisone can cause retention of water, natrium, if eat salt overmuch, can increase retention of water, natrium, produce oedema.

Take go painful a moment is unfavorable edible pickles, salty fish. The souse such as pickles, salty fish is tasted with go painful piece when specific ingredient action, can form carcinogen.

When taking vitriolic zinc, should not be edible biscuit. Vitriolic zinc and biscuit are taken together, zincic absorption is disturbed, and complete pink biscuit compares biscuit of pink of essence of life to be disturbed to zincic absorption bigger.

When taking drug, cannot drink. Alcohol is contained in wine, alcohol besides quicken certain pharmaceuticals to be changed in the metabolization inside body, outside reducing curative effect, still can cause medicines and chemical reagents harmful response. Drink for a long time to cause liver function loss possibly, influence liver is right the metabolization function of medicaments, make the harmful response of medicines and chemical reagents raises.