Soya-bean milk and antibiotic are taken together harmful response needs interval
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Notable is, in edible soya-bean milk and egg while, still should take the starch such as some of cake, steamed bread, rice or congee kind food, can make soya-bean milk place contains protein to be below amylaceous action, produce enzymatic solution adequately with gastric juice, make nutrient material is absorbed adequately. Also can prevent protein in addition in energy of the translate into inside human body be used up, cannot produce benefiting effect adequately, return the metabolization burden that can reduce liver and kidney at the same time. Additional, drink soya-bean milk although advantage is much, but drinkable when must notice somewhat, cause very easily otherwiseDisease. So, what should drinkable soya-bean milk notice? 1. Dyspeptic person drinks soya-bean milk lessDoctor of traditional Chinese medicineThink soya-bean milk property slants cold, the person with so bad function of dyspeptic, kidney should drink soya-bean milk less. Additional, soya-bean milk can produce gas below enzymatic action, usually stomach is so cold, belch person, the person with deficient kidney of seminal emission of diarrhoea, nightly frequent micturition should drink soya-bean milk less. 2. Soya-bean milk can add white sugar to should not be because brown sugar contains a variety of organic acid,add brown sugar, the albumen enzymatic union in Yi Hedou oar, make protein denaturation precipitates easily, be absorbed not easily by human body. And white sugar won't have this kind of appearance, but white sugar is put again after wanting to wait for soya-bean milk to thoroughly cook. 3. Avoid likes to come with warm bottled soya-bean milk with somebody of soya-bean milk of vacuum flask keep in storage heat preservation, this kind of method is not desirable, condition pole is helpful for because thermos flask is lukewarm wet core the bacterium is progenitive. In temperature appropriate condition falls, serve as nourishment with soya-bean milk, the bacterium inside bottle can breed in great quantities, through 3~4 the hour can make soya-bean milk acid defeats metamorphism. Additionally the saponin in soya-bean milk still can dissolve the furring in thermos flask, drank health of meeting harm human body. 4. The soya-bean milk that boil should open wide boiler Gaisheng contains the saponin, harmful material such as trypsin stayer in soya-bean milk, did not thoroughly cook drinkable, can produce the toxic symptom such as disgusting, vomiting, diarrhoea. Soya-bean milk not only must boil, and still must open wide boiler to build when the soya-bean milk that boil, because only open boil builds ability to be able to let the harmful material in soya-bean milk volatilize as vapor,this is. 5. Soya-bean milk cannot want to wait for antibiotic to be taken together with erythromycin with scarcely of drink soya-bean milk with certain pharmaceuticals, because both can produce chemical reaction, drink soya-bean milk and the time interval that take antibiotic to had better be in above of a hour.

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