Careless zero noxiousness does not want do sth without authorization to machine
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 Gramineous black 
Careless zero noxiousness Plain black, careless black is buttercup division plant together, plain black is the dry root tuber of boreal aconite for the dry mother root of aconite, careless black, laborious of its sex flavour, suffering, hot; Poisonous. Put in heart, liver, kidney, lienal classics 's charge. Clinical with its n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine is tasted, the function is dehumidify of dispel the wind, lukewarm classics is acetanilide. Basically use at treating rheumatism sex arthritis, Kaschin-Beck disease, hemiplegia, migraine, sciatica, colic of Xu Han sex and drop dozen of gall, but in treating a process, often because take medical overdose, bring about toxic, clinical common also and toxic the incident that dies even happens. Make the plain black, Wu Zhongjun that make grass contain a variety of alkaloid, among them ester aconitine noxiousness is the biggest. Its noxiousness is behaved as follows. Hemal system bosom frowsty, heart-throb, blood pressure drops (do not measure even piece) the rhythm of the heart with all sorts of types is wrong, include antrum sex tachycardia, Dou Xing stops rich, room to quiver, early gain of sex of room of hair of early gain of sex of room of many source sex, frequency shows 2 couplet law, triplex sex of law, room tachycardia, room quivers, room sex conducts block sluggish, left, can bring about shock, die even. Neurological all have to nerve ending and central nervous system first the inhibition after excitement. Expression is talking around, limb and systemic coma, Oral cavityOr systemic burn feeling, giddy, complexion is cadaverous, perspire, limb faint is cold, fretful and disturbed, then limb is convulsive, rigidity, be addicted to sleeps, delirium, mind is not clear. Occurrence limb of individual case of illness breaks down. Digestion salivate, deglutition difficulty, disgusting vomiting, even buccal foam, or content of content of stomach of vomitive coffee appearance, solution black is rare; Bellyacke, diarrhoea, in urgent hind heavy, similar and dysenteric expression. Afterwards of hepatitis of the noxiousness in the report is caused sends liver cirrhosis ascites. Respiratory system be discouraged, breath is difficult, cyanosis, final but because breathe paralytic and die. Urology make water is little, dysuria, anuria, even acute kidney function fails