Alleviate the eye is fatigue cannot sheet relies on eyedrop
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Use an eye for long, eye hard to avoid is dry scratchy, line of sight is ambiguous, this is to use an eye excessive the eye exhaustion symptom that cause. At this moment, many people can drip a few eyedrop try to alleviate. However, alleviate the eye is fatigue cannot sheet relies on eyedrop. Liaoning province health teachs a place say in healthy clew, many eyedrop contain preservative, and antiseptic is to prevent microbial grow the chemistry with breedMedicines and chemical reagents, use the eyedrop that contains preservative for a long time, can epithelial to cornea generation is damaged, bring about xerophthalmia happening possibly still. Alleviate the eye is fatigue should much from proceed with of the sanitation that use an eye, nurturance protects eye, habit love a look goodly. For instance, work 1 hour or so continuously before computer, be about to let an eye rest 10 minutes, look at far.