Soup of husked sorghum of the tuber of pinellia (soup of the tuber of pinellia)
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Original name of soup of husked sorghum of the tuber of pinellia soup of the tuber of pinellia, stem from " guest of evil of clever center • " , it is home of past dynasties cure it is important to treat a when do not sleepPrescription. Here, shallow the study experience that talks about the author. The tuber of pinellia, Fact of husked sorghum name is taken an examination of reach this square advocate medicine According to lection, the tuber of pinellia, husked sorghum comprises Benfangyouzhi, what already did not have research it seems that is necessary. But, if consider " clever center " the time that become a book is apart from today ages ago, method of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine of the tuber of pinellia is numerous, cereal name is not invariable, we can discover, meantime place is used treating the tuber of pinellia is goods of which kinds of artillery piece after all, husked sorghum is which kinds of cereal after all, still be worth to be discussed deep. Besides, textual square without clear treat of in what gives priority to medicine, also left a doubt to us. Treat the tuber of pinellia Bright generation Li Zhongzi says: "Treat the tuber of pinellia, you Yan has made the tuber of pinellia also " , like that goods of artillery piece of the tuber of pinellia is numerous, besides unripe the tuber of pinellia, music of Shang Youfa the tuber of pinellia, Jiang Banxia, clear the tuber of pinellia, the tuber of pinellia is waited a moment. Only by " had made the tuber of pinellia " this one general explanation, we still make clear hard " treat the tuber of pinellia " after all why. Last years of a dynasty or reign of the Eastern Han Dynasty, zhang Zhong scene is mentioned the earliest with " soup washs ten degrees, ling Shuiqing slips " the tuber of pinellia of law n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine, ever since, jing Yiyou of great of contented of • of bridge of the Southern Dynasties is similar discuss, and after the means of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine with other various items stems from Song Dai more. Accordingly, "Treat the tuber of pinellia " probable the tuber of pinellia that is processing of only course cleanness, perhaps pass " Shang Xi " (hot bath) the tuber of pinellia. Without doubt, former give birth to the tuber of pinellia namely, and " Shang Xi " summer, also be close to very with today's unripe the tuber of pinellia. Husked sorghum Think commonly, husked sorghum namely " glutinous millet " , " sticky millet " , " glutinous foxtail millet " , " yellow glutinous " , fizzle out namely glutinous rice. However, this did not reach consensus, the person that the somebody in cure home thinks husked sorghum is sticky broomcorn rice or broomcorn rice. Like bright generation " a book on Chinese medicine tastes collect essence of life to want " bring " graph classics " the cloud: "The person that kaoliang is Su Zhi to stick also, a unit of length of its seedling height is made, the section is like reed, there is flesh in the bine, kind rice-paper plant and Xiaobai, feet of foliaceous long just a little, solid end giving birth to a bine makes the ear of grain. " describe accordingly, husked sorghum should be sticky broomcorn rice, and Ju Tong, Zhang Xichun calls husked sorghum namely broomcorn rice. Cropland of Cheng Yao of quiet acting learned man thinks, broomcorn namely ancient alleged millet, its are sticky person for kaoliang; Kaoliang is sticky broomcorn originally, today person Shen Zhizhong is passed right ancient
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