The commonnest 10 big errors that use drug
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In daily life, a few errors that use drug make not only medicaments cannot have curative effect effect well, and the possibility produces side effect, serious likelihood causes life hazard. Ningxia food medicines and chemical reagents supervises management department to remind, use medicine not to take an error.

Time amlposition: Many people are taken medicine arranges days and negligence is nightly. Some medicine are taken one day twice, every other 12 hours 1, some every other 8 hours, but the patient often is taken when 3 eat, such chroma of content of haemal Chinese traditional medicine is exorbitant by day, and nightly very low, effect curative effect.

Dosage passes big or slant small. Normal treatment capacity can achieve favorable result, if exceed a quantity to take,can cause toxic, especially old person and children. However some people increase dosage at will, such very dangerous. Same, small dose may do not have curative effect not only, instead bungle illness, arise even be able to bear or endure property of a medicine.

Intermittence. Medicaments play curative effect is main be decided by its constant in blood chroma. If do not take drug on time, short of is effective chroma, develop with respect to may uncontrollable disease.

Period of treatment is insufficient. Medication the time with proper need, if uric road affects need 7 days,can cure to 10 talents. If use drug 3 days two, the symptom alleviates somewhat stop drug, form chronic infection likely.

Should stop ceaseless. General medicaments is achieved drug should stop after expecting curative effect, can cause poisonous side effect otherwise.

Stop drug suddenly. A lot of chronic illnesses need to insist for a long time to control an illness with medicine, consolidate curative effect, if mental disease, epilepsy is ill, depressed disease, hypertensive, coronary heart disease. If stop drug, answer to undertake stage by stage below doctor guidance, do not want do sth without authorization to stop drug.

Change medicine optional. Medicaments shows curative effect, need proper time, if typhoid fever uses medicine to need 3 days to 7 days, tuberculosis needs half an year. If change medicine to make cure complications at will, gave a problem to also find out a reason to be handled in time hard.

The more the better. Two kinds of medicaments use Changke to enhance curative effect jointly. But Jie of undeserved meeting generation fights dispensation action, as a result falls effect, invalidation, produce noxiousness reaction even.

Children uses adult drug. Function of children liver, kidney is poor, alexipharmic function is weak, answered to solve the property of medicaments and note so. If fluorine Pai acid can cause articulatory pathological changes and influence cartilage growth, children should be banned with.

Try drug with disease. Somebody has difficulty miscellaneous disease is long treat do not heal, look for folk prescription, proved recipe to use repeatedly. Make many person patient's conditions so easily aggravating, lose operation opportunity, the illness is exasperate, hard cure.
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