Technology of useless plastic second birth already was included science and tech
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"Useless old mechanical and electrical products and plastic resource use crucial technology and equipment development integratedly " major project already was included " 915 " national science and technology supports a plan. The organizer that regards this as the project - - Chinese resource uses association integratedly to divulge, at present this association is organizing project task to apply for. This is the country uses renewable resources integratedly first bring into science and technology to support a plan, what will promote useless old resource to use a trade energetically is energy-saving decrease a platoon, promote circular economy development.
Use association introduction integratedly according to Chinese resource, henceforth inside 3 years, the country will be abandoned in the light of resource contain generous plastic abandon old goods and materials with a large amount of solid such as balata, development is integrated and efficient use new technology, new method and new facility, develop corresponding technology standard and standard. Our country will adopt a technique compositive, build a project to change application to set an example line and technology are compositive demonstrative garden area, use efficiency and quality of renewable resources product to raise renewable resources to reclaim integratedly, reduce a large amount of solid litter and the environmental pollution that its control recycle process to offer a technology to prop up.
Benefit of useless plastic balata installed a few a lecture given to a large number of students to inscribe in all with the project. It is abandon mediumly in the light of life rubbish plastic, the plastic rubbish that development has own intellectual property resource of efficient and stable splitting decomposition turns processing key technology and equipment, the resource that increases plastic rubbish changes utilization rate and quality of splitting decomposition product, build year of splitting decomposition life of 10 thousand tons of class is plastic the technology of rubbish sets an example product line. 2 it is to be aimed at splitting decomposition of catalysis of useless old balata, high cost changes the catalytic splitting decomposition that has development independent intellectual property use technology and equipment, raise splitting decomposition of catalysis of useless old balata to make the technology of high grade fuel, carbon black and activated carbon and quality, build grown catalysis splitting decomposition the demonstrative project of 15000 tons of useless old balata. 3 it is to be aimed at useless balata bitumen of plastic production modified, will develop 10 thousand tons of form engineering technology and equipment, preparation is high quality highway uses pitch, freeway of promotion our country uses useless balata the research of bitumen of plastic material modified and applied level, form useless rubber-plastic the technical standard of material modified bitumen and construction standard. In the meantime, be aimed at project embryo give somebody a new lease on life, what this project has development own intellectual property is adjustable of circumference beforehand vulcanization is cricoid tread shapes technology and equipment, make tire of give somebody a new lease on life achieves corresponding norms to import the technical index of new tyre, build have international the produces per year tire of give somebody a new lease on life of machine of project of 10 thousand special type demonstrative line of advanced level.
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