Pharmaceutical Industry: The State Council issued a document specification of b
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The State Council issued a document of essential drugs procurement mechanisms regulate the event: the State Council recently issued "to establish and regulate government-run primary care health institutions mechanisms for essential drugs procurement guidance." Required to establish and standardize around the procurement of essential drugs related mechanisms to ensure the smooth implementation of the basic drug system, essential drugs to achieve safe and effective, good quality, reasonable price and timely supply. Comments: "Opinion" link from the procurement of essential drugs strategy to be the most direct point of increasing efforts to control prices of essential drugs, the nature of their policies remain unchanged, the pursuit of price to the amount of credit to ensure the production of corporate profits, while minimizing drug prices. Policy in the clear once again, "provincial health administrative department at the provincial level to build centralized procurement platform", with strong distribution capabilities and competitive advantages of scale of commercial enterprises will take a favorable position in the bidding, which will promote the pharmaceutical mergers and acquisitions of commercial enterprises, industry concentration further improved. Treasury 550 million capital injection event of non-public medical institutions: Ministry of Social Security, the person in charge has said that to further encourage and guide social capital held in medical institutions, social capital held by non-profit and for-profit medical institutions, can enjoy with the public sector the same preferential tax policies, and encourages all levels of government to purchase non-public sector services. Comments: Non-public medical institutions conducive to long-term growth of the pharmaceutical industry: financial investment, tax preferential policies will greatly enhance the stimulation of non-public sector's share in the universal health care, a few public hospitals as the main body is expected to break the pattern, distribution channels and scope of medical will be greatly expanded, which is conducive to long-term development of the pharmaceutical industry.