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Coerced the cost advantage, the Chinese pharmaceutical industry in the past three decades the country has completed a major evolution of the pharmaceutical path. However, in the November 9 "speed up the restructuring of the pharmaceutical industry guidance" ("the" opinions " ") After the introduction, this industry is imperative to change the mode of development. "Opinions" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Health and State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) jointly developed by the three ministries, made the product structure, technological structure, organizational structure, regional structure, the export structure of five Aspects of the structural adjustment of the mandate and objectives, developed to encourage technological innovation, improve the clinical use of centralized purchasing and policy lever to play the role of drug prices in 11 areas of security measures. From the "opinions" of view, the three pharmaceutical industry restructuring is the key word "innovation", "integration" and "transformation." SFDA Southern Medicine Economic Institute Lin Jianning that the State "second five" core of One is to adjust the industrial structure, promote independent innovation and technological progress, the three ministries issued guidance for the pharmaceutical industry structure adjustment and industrial upgrading in line with national policy context. "After 30 years of reform and opening up the rapid development of drug products produced in our country, the quantity and quality has been basically meet the domestic demand for health care prevention, we bid farewell to the era of the lack of medical treatment, and built a relatively complete System for the pharmaceutical industry, but we still have power from the larger world pharmaceutical gaps, particularly over-reliance on economic development, the number of pharmaceutical growth, lack of development dimension of international competition has been relatively weak and so the structural contradictions Prominent. Based on this, the three ministries proposed to carry out industrial restructuring, promoting the development of medicine to change the way I think the right time. "Lin Jianning said. Innovation vision "Adhere to independent innovation, technological innovation combined with the elimination of backward" is the "opinion" one of the main principles. As a result, "opinion" of chemical medicine, biological medicine, Chinese medicine field, product structure adjustment were proposed vision Goals, including in the field of chemical drugs for more than 10 proprietary drugs in the pharmaceutical field for more than 15 new drugs on the market and so on. In fact, the goal of independent innovation has been the response of pharmaceutical companies. Fosun relevant responsible person in an "economic medicine" is an interview that the company has to accelerate innovation and product innovation and M & Results An important part of their strategic cooperation, has been accelerated by monoclonal antibody-based biopharmaceutical drug development process. Meanwhile, the "opinion" that it would be in the research project, financial support, new drug approval, access to health insurance directory and technological transformation investment for new drugs with independent intellectual property rights in China to support the development and play a Drug The lever of price and more. The content of these encouraging innovation, pharmaceutical companies given attention. "Our real import of new drugs is too long, so that enterprises feel the pressure. Enterprise itself is not easy to do drugs, national policy should be some special preferential policies, such as health insurance, pricing, etc. Aspects. "Daughter of senior Teng Hui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., told reporters. In Lin Jianning view, there are three areas to promote new drug development should be hard to break: pharmaceuticals, high-end generic drugs, and has a high standard of innovative medicines. To high-end generics, for example, by 2012 there will be 139 billion U.S. dollars of drugs lose patent protection, generic drugs while China has accumulated rich experience in the field. Lin Jianning this proposal, the Government should give more incentives Guide to enhance the strength of the company consciously imitate the innovative technology content, the Chinese-made branded generics to the world. And objective point of view, the level of productivity of our existing pharmaceutical drug is difficult in the short term, there was the original breakthrough innovation. Therefore, Lin Jianning also suggested that policy guidance should be differentiated: on the marine resources and drugs Herbal resources, we need to protect; of imitative innovation to create higher-quality drugs to the core purpose, efforts to enhance exchanges and cooperation in international scientific and technological level and depth; will have flexibility in the use of new medicines approved means to promote New medicines fast, accurate and timely completion of the review and approval, accelerate new drug to market. Expand the share of large enterprises based medicine "Opinions" in the adjustment of product structure, first proposed a "further regulate the production and distribution of essential medicines order to promote the production of essential drugs merger and reorganization of enterprises, promotion of basic drug production enterprise to the advantage of centralized "Requirements, as well as" the main varieties of essential drugs sales in the top 20 companies market share should reach 80% "target. This is in fact most of the pharmaceutical companies most concerned about a provision. However, in statements on the provision also can not help but be puzzled fuzzy: is the sales of the top 20 manufacturers of essential medicines to reach the total market share To 80%, or sales of a variety of essential medicines in the top 20 aggregate producers to achieve 80% market share? North China Pharmaceutical Group Sales Director Wang Gaojun goal of this exciting show emotions, but he also told reporters, according to the current situation, the way mergers and acquisitions alone can not achieve 80% target, and truly want to mention Essential drugs of high market concentration, we must change the local government tender in the low-cost essential drugs approach. "Strict supervision is an important measure to improve concentration, including the implementation of new pharmacopoeia, in strict accordance with pharmacopoeia standards to focus on the basic sampling a large variety of drugs, with strict quality standards to distinguish between ultimate Is survival of the fittest. "Lin Jianning also emphasized. Mergers and acquisitions wave of strong push Merger and reorganization of the industrial structure adjustment and improve the concentration of the most efficient way. In adjusting the organizational structure, the "opinions" that will encourage competitive enterprises to implement trans-regional, cross-ownership mergers and acquisitions and joint re- To promote variety, technology, channels and other resources to the advantage of enterprises are concentrated. It is noteworthy that, as of the end of 2009, China had 4,696 drug substances and drug manufacturers, but the sales volume of 5,000 yuan on the number of enterprises accounted for 80.09%, selling 10 billion on the scale of the enterprise Only 1.52%. Reference to the world's top ten pharmaceutical has 43.86% of the concentration, the Chinese pharmaceutical concentration in the top ten of only 17.62%, the concentration of pharmaceutical hundred in 2009 to 41.68%. So, for 3 to 5 years to improve industrial concentration, "views" set "Medicine hundred enterprises industry-wide sales revenue accounted for more than 50% to form a group with international competitiveness and the development of the industry There is a strong leading role of large enterprise groups, "the goal. Difficult to judge, in this policy guidance, the local government may take the lead in restructuring state-owned Medicine opened the curtain. And this trend from last year's restructuring of state assets such as Shanghai Pharmaceutical indications have been emerging. Recently, another The news came out, after the reorganization of North China Pharmaceutical, Jizhong Energy is preparing to re-Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group. "In the next three to five years, Chinese medicine and the stone is likely to be integrated medicine for a while after the merger and reorganization of two large state-owned enterprises, Then the way to integrate the acquisition of the province's pharmaceutical industry, which is an inevitable trend. "A case that the industry in Hebei Province. Lin Jianning analysis, the next few years, mainly from the domestic merger and reorganization of five forces: First, multinational pharmaceutical companies through acquisitions in China's rapid expansion; Second, international funds, domestic private equity funds and the lay of funds, see Good pharmaceutical industry profit margin of about 10% of the total; third year there were 20 pharmaceutical companies in the domestic market, 5 in the overseas market, IPO for these enterprises in the industry provides a strong integration and acquisition support; Fourth, the pharmaceutical industry itself Some of the factors, such as the transformation of the new GMP will face shortage of funds, companies will try to make up for the introduction of foreign capital, which will accelerate the industry, mergers and acquisitions; five large state-owned enterprises are among the high-profile integration. "In fact, in recent years, the international pharmaceutical giants have started to buy innovative products have high potential or market share of the local bio-pharmaceutical companies, the state policy should encourage large domestic pharmaceutical companies or large groups Based investment group to integrate bio-technological resources of our own, so some excellent national companies come to the fore, to participate in international competition. "Lin Jianning cautioned.