Carry out the announcement of the problem about standard of medicines and chemic
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The inspect that feed medicine handles case [2008]268 date

Heibei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang saves food medicines and chemical reagents to control management board:

Current, standard of national medicines and chemical reagents closes hold level of ” of rubber cement of lidocaine of two “ hydrochloric acid, promulgate for the ministry 〕 of WS1-(X-116)-96Z of number of level of 〔 of ” of rubber cement of lidocaine of standard “ hydrochloric acid, the traditional Chinese medicine in be is in charge of 2005 rubber cement of lidocaine of edition “ hydrochloric acid (I) ” , two standards part by the new drug of different company tentative standard becomes a full member, edit and come. Because this product is current prescription of name, preparation, examine the project, project such as action and utility all differs somewhat, relevant medicines and chemical reagents produces an enterprise to ought to register the standard that the branch approves to be carried out correctly by medicines and chemical reagents according to this enterprise, cannot mix with.

Ask you to inform relevant medicines and chemical reagents produces a business inside area under administration, register the active state level that examines and approve origin circumstance to make clear this enterprise to ought to be carried out according to standard of medicines and chemical reagents, implement each provision of corresponding state level strictly. Of obscure to be being put in executive standard problem, should instruct an enterprise to be corrected instantly. The enterprise discovers a problem in executive state level or need edits standard, should register a branch in time to mirror to medicines and chemical reagents or apply for by what the regulation puts forward to revise a criterion.

National provision medicines and chemical reagents supervises management board office
Two years of October 9 days

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