About education base kind the announcement that product classification limits
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The country feeds medical inspect to fetters [2008]535 date

Medicines and chemical reagents of food of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government controls management board (medicines and chemical reagents controls management board) ,

Monitor the need that supervises the work to get used to medical apparatus and instruments, national bureau organization is opposite about unit and expert education radical kind the product undertook classified limitting, show print and distribute to give you, ask comply with to carry out.

National provision medicines and chemical reagents controls management board
Two years on September 27

Education radical kind product classification is limitted

One, as Ⅰ kind the education of management of medical apparatus and instruments base product
(one) the foundation fosters base: Can foster great majority to want oxygen and the education of anaerobe holding a gender concurrently base. Be like albumen peptone water education radical.
(2) nutrition fosters base: In the foundation in education radical, join dextrose, blood, grow a few special class status such as factor, ask for nutrition taller bacterium and need are special grow the bacterium of factor grows. Like nutrient broth agaragar of education radical, nutrition is fostered base etc.
(3) the general education that add bacterium base: It is microbial the method that enlarges education, except contain general bacterium to grow outside the basic nutrition part that progenitive place wants, return the nutrient requirement that differs according to the bacterium, add proper growth factor or microelement. Be like water of alkalescent albumen peptone education radical.
(4) carry education radical: The education that be protected before sampling hind and lab disposal of samples and keeps microbial active base. If Cary-Blair carries education radical,wait.
(5) save education radical: Use at be protected inside proper time and keeping microbial energy, prevent to save pair of microbial adverse effects for a long time, or make microbial the education that anabiosises easily after be saved for a long time base. Be like Dorset yolk education radical.

2, as Ⅱ kind the education of management of medical apparatus and instruments base product
(one) medical quick experiment uses education radical: The education that with Yu Yaomin the experiment uses base. Be like MH agaragar education radical.
(2) differentiate education radical:
1. Differentiate education radical commonly: The education that is used at distinguishing different microbial sort base, do not add curb bacterium agent commonly and contain indicator only. If Yi is red,agaragar of United States orchid is fostered base etc.
2. Differentiate education radical optionally: Bits of  of know Piao  blame peptide is held faithful kind bead  breaks Gan Jiong of duckweed bridge Tuo plant quite bear  of Pai of  of  of ぃ of  of accept of ┫ Fu  holds Mu of  of establish ≡  our  of cluck of constant  ⑹ smalls piece of land surrounded by water calamity of  of sole of an ancient small-mouthed wine vessel of smile Xing Huang ┨
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