Reexamine of sunset of TDI of announcement of Department of Commerce expires
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Basis " People's Republic of China turns over dumping byelaw " the 48th regulation, the expropriation that opposes dumping tax deadline does not exceed 5 years, classics reexamine is stopped certainly collect turn over dumping duty to be brought about likely dumping and damage continuity to perhaps happen once more, the expropriation that opposes dumping tax deadline can be lengthened appropriately.
The day that releases from this announcement rises, the natural person that domestic industry perhaps represents domestic industry, legal person perhaps can be in about the organization relevant oppose dumping measure (see subordinate list) maturity 60 days ago, offer application of terminal review a case to Department of Commerce with written form. Requisition should be included stop collect turn over dumping duty to cause the likelihood dumping and the sufficient evidence that damage continuity or produce once more.

If domestic industry perhaps represents the natural person of domestic industry, legal person,perhaps did not press this announcement regulation to offer application of written and terminal review a case about the organization, before turning over dumping measure to stop Department of Commerce also did not decide to have terminal review a case actively, turn over dumping measure to will be stopped since maturity formerly carry out.

Hereby announcement. Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China two years on May 21

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