Shanghai stops and restrict danger to taste manufacturing sale to carry
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To uphold social order, ensure public safety, ensure safety of Beijing Olympic Games is held smoothly, recently, shanghai people government was released " the production that during be being met about the Olympic Games, this city stops and limits article of danger of explosion, virulent, radioactivity, sale, carried announcement " , the regulation will come on July 20 during August 25, this city stops and production of goods of danger of limitative explosion, virulent, radioactivity, sale, carry, halt firework cracker sale, stop all blowing up to work.

One, outside using medicines and chemical reagents of brief life radioactivity and the production of raw material burning gas, by-product and sale company except medical treatment, other unit is same the production that halts the dangerous article such as explosion, virulent, radioactivity and sale.

2, branch of fire control of city public security stops what civil explosion article carries to examine and approve; Branch of public security of city public security stops what virulent chemical buys to examine and approve; Strict and virulent chemical carries section of policeman of city public security examine and approve. Among them, will come on July 25 on August 22, the classics that divide city appoint appoint involve poisonous chemical of drama of the national economy and the people's livelihood to use, outside transportation enterprises, branch of policeman of city public security stops poisonous chemical of other unit theatrical work to carry examine and approve.

3, branch of city environmental protection stops to be examined and approve to radioactivity article sale, strengthen pair of radioactivity article to deposit jointly with the branch such as city public security, use and dangerous scrap heap is put, carry, handle carriage safety to superintend.

4, city chemical industrial district is in charge of appoint can be in charge of strengthening areas of pair of garden of city chemical industry jointly with relevant unit inside (contain dock, railroad) of the dangerous article such as virulent, radioactivity buy, production, deposit, use, carry, exercise undertake safety is superintended.

5, afore-mentioned time paragraph, the virulent chemical inside line of this city outer shroud is carried must be in 22 when to morrow 4 when undertake, the virulent chemical outside outer shroud line is carried must be in 23 when to morrow 5 when undertake, keep away from abstruse place, dwelling place and traffic guard experience circuit; Come in and go out this city virulent chemical carries car to must install grand of arrowroot of line of booth, 204 nations, Shanghai from 312 nations line too Jia Liu of Xi Cen of line of Lu Yang bridge, 318 nations, 320 Guo Daofeng short for the Jinghe River, Shanghai.

6, chemical production, sale, transportation enterprises must be carried out strictly " the announce that Shanghai people government practices control to partial chemical about this city " (Shanghai government office sends 〔 2008 〕 21) .
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