How to use remedy of gas mist agent correctly
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Medicaments of gas mist agent is mix medicaments throw the preparation that the compression that shoots an agent to be enclosed at having tailor-made valve system makes in sealed container aptly. Cent of medicaments of gas mist agent is solution model, mix dangerous model, the type such as lacteal the form of a drug, when using, borrow cast the pressure that shoots an agent, ration or adventitious measure ground general medicaments with mist shape, semisolid or bubble form is ejective, develop in respiratory tract, skin or other speech path local or treat action all over.

Clinical go up, medicaments of gas mist agent is used at treating a variety of diseases to all get distinct curative effect, treat asthma for example (alcohol of sanded fourth amine is gas mist agent, special cloth him forest gas mist agent) , medicine of make expectoration easy (acid of half Guang ammonia enrages agent of mist of bromic oneself new energy of life, acetyl mist agent) , hemal and outspread medicine (agent of mist of gas of ester of Shan Li of different of agent of monobel gas mist, nitric acid) , fall blood pressure medicine (coke enrages mist agent surely) , cure is traumatic (6 chloric phenol are gas mist agent, so good that 6 chloric phenol enrage mist agent quickly) , remedial ear-nose-throat disease (agent of mist of gas of acerbity natrium of agent of mist of gas of Lin of hydroxide armour Zun, lubricious pleasant) wait. The effect with peculiar medicaments of gas mist agent produced the effect that other preparation cannot replace, when at the same time the patient is used, divide outside reading manual of medicines and chemical reagents carefully, still need the method that special attention uses. Medicaments of gas mist agent is like next characteristics:

Medicaments of gas mist agent encloses medicaments in sealed container, use and carry convenient, avoided the contact of medicaments and air, moisture, reduced pollution and degenerative likelihood, increased the stability of medicaments.

Inspiratory agent of the mist that use gas makes medicaments is absorbed by lung directly enter systematic circulation, lung has alveolar list the area is large and the characteristic with very rich blood stream, make medicaments can reach action place quickly, be in normally 1~2 produces curative effect inside minute. Analyse statistic according to pharmaceutics, the sort that medicaments absorbs speed speed is ordinal be: Below inspiratory, tongue, skin of rectum, intramuscular injection, hypodermic, profess to convinced, classics gives drug, the time of the effect since medicaments of agent of visible gas mist is located in the first place, more the cure that applies to urgent disease.

Pharmaceutics analyses statistic to show, medicaments draws rate complete sort is ordinal be: Below the tongue, intramuscular injection, inspiratory, hypodermic, rectum, profess to convinced, see those who enrage mist agent medicaments absorb degree excel hypodermic and profess to convinced. Its reason the local concentration that because use,enrages mist agent medicaments on one hand is high, because avoided medicaments,on the other hand the degradation in gastric bowel path is mixed hepatic " head close eliminate " . Because this enrages the dose that mist agent medicaments uses,relatively lesser, harmful response decreases relatively, relatively apply to precious medicines and chemical reagents.
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