British report says: Arthritic vaccine hopeful comes out inside 5 years
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Business company on August 16 dispatch England " daily telecommunications signs up for " reported a few days ago, arthritic vaccine hopeful comes out inside 5 years, its treat a method is after will passing a change from the cell that takes out inside patient body, new infuse suffers in infection joint. The group of a research of Ka Sier university will be in British button this kind of vaccine tests on volunteer body. Rheumatism sex arthritis is cured hard, because this is planted,beDiseaseBecause immune system function is wrong,be, inflammation was caused in wrong place. Research group preexistence FulimanHospital8 volunteers that have rheumatism sex arthritis test the effectiveness of this kind of new-style vaccine on the body, enlarge test range again next. This vaccine passes new to the immune cell inside human body process designing and produce effect. Through using chemistryMedicines and chemical reagents, steroid and vitamin D, this research group found a kind of method to control the patient's leucocyte, make they are restrained and not be activation immunity system. Researcher thinks, these leucocyte will make like brake the immune system of excessive reaction stops to atttack his joint. Similar method already had been used in cancer research, but application still is belonged to at research of rheumatism sex arthritis first. The button that heads group of this one research blocks Si Er university clinical rheumatism learns to teach • agreement writing Aisakesi says, although this considers to still be in experiment phase, but it " very stirring " .