Industry of our country cosmetic produces year of sale to amount to 120 billion
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Industry of cosmetic of dispatch our country will produce business company on September 27 year of sale is current achieve 120 billion yuan, this one word is 342 times of initial stage of the reforming and opening 30 years ago. "Profession of cosmetic of China of • of makeup dot China is noble 30 years of visit a sacred land " the activity was started in Beijing a few days ago, chen Shaojun of secretary-general of association of industry of cosmetic of Chinese flavor essence announces newest data to also express at the same time, at present development of our country cosmetic estate still is in primary level, foreign capital the bibcock position that charges Chinese cosmetic, the industry is spent centrally not tall. According to Introduction Chen Shaojun, chinese cosmetic company had a few only 1978. However, through development of 30 years, to the end of August 2008, company of our country cosmetic achieved 4316; Of initial stage of reforming and opening 1980, industry of our country cosmetic produces sale to be 350 million yuan, and this one word achieved 120 billion yuan 2007, it is 342 times of initial stage of reforming and opening. Initial stage of reforming and opening, breed of our country cosmetic has a few variety such as clam oil, petrolatum, vanishing cream only, and now, cosmetic already had 2500 a variety of. Not only variety is rich, product quality also is rising ceaselessly. 2006, ministry of Public Health produces enterprise and product of distribute unit cosmetic in the sampling observation inside countrywide limits 43125, percent of pass is achieved 91.5% . Expand of dimensions increasingly as the enterprise and produce character to measure ceaseless promotion, cosmetic trade emerge in large numbers gives large quantities of one as above sea home is changed wait for strong company, but Chen Shaojun expresses, sale scale is the largest still is foreign capital enterprise, if Ou Lai is elegant,the sale that was in China last year is many yuan 50, and the company with a few small dimensions of Guangzhou year sale has hundred thousands of yuan only. Chen Shaojun thinks, as economic development and the change that people consumes an idea, small company will be washed out gradually, the industry also will transfer to standardization.

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