Zhang Jiang " medical cereal " : Mode of biology medicine innovation emerges
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Business company on September 26 dispatch Halley road, Newton road, Courier road... walk into garden of industry of medicine of Shanghai Zhang Jiang biology, neat, quiet breath and scientific village gravity solemn have blow on the face and come. This held water 2001, have many 210 China and foreign countries famous pharmacy business, orgnaizations of tens of research and development of medicine of domestic state level, transnational corporation is global of center of research and development " Chinese medicine cereal " , through 7 years fumble, already formed to take shape at present " research and development innovates -- in try hatch -- dimensions is produced -- sale content flows -- the talent is bred -- the industry serves " system of innovation of contemporary biology medicine. However, provide the base of drug research and development of the hope most as home, its develop orbit to have demonstrative effect not only, at the same time also bear is worn the important task of the road of industry of Chinese characteristic medicine. Focusing Zhang Jiang " medical cereal " Zhang Jiang has distinctive capacity since the day that be born. Regard Zhang Jiang as one of dominant properties that key of high-tech garden area develops, on August 2, 1996, supervisory management board of medicines and chemical reagents of ministry of science and technology, Ministry of Public Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences, former state and Shanghai people government are in people congress hall is signed formally build in all " base of property of science and technology of medicine of national Shanghai biology " cooperative agreement, establish this base in Zhang Jiang inside high-tech garden area. To form the assemble effect of research and development of piece of drug of river medicine cereal, "Medical cereal " orgnaization of the biology medicine research and development that collected level of many 30 state, education and transnational corporation are global center of research and development, center of development of research of new drug of research center of south of group of gene of mankind of center of evaluation of safety of new drug of Shanghai of heart of pitch on of sieve of university of the medicine in including institute of medicaments of Shanghai of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai among them, country medicaments, country, country, Shanghai, Shanghai rub, and American ceremony comes, Swiss collect family name, Nuo China, with the center of global research and development that marks Huang Bu to wait for the enterprise that cross a state. Meanwhile, participate in through inviting a chief scientist, invite adviser of science and technology to hold the position of brain truster, invite course leader to enter garden, attract abroad homecoming student studying abroad to do poineering work to garden area wait for a way, zhang Jiang " medical cereal " assemble many 500 innovation does poineering work model high-end talent. The assemble of orgnaization of medical enterprise, research and development and high-end talent, the new drug research and development that makes own own intellectual property is in piece of Jiangjian make good. Rough statistic enters the new drug of clinical trial to exceed 10, be in lab phase 20 many, still have a batch of compound that already won patent. Company of 3 accrete content enters clinical trial permissibly " tablet of ketone of the department that surpass rice " fight early pregnant new drug, it is the chemistry with not much amount to kind a kind of new drug, already declared invention patent in 30 many countries; Small achieved development of company of medical apparatus and instruments to succeed to have blank of home of own intellectual property, fill generation contains medical delay commentate hemal bracket, broke an entrance congener product is right the forestall of Chinese market. In addition, research center of south of group of national mankind gene shares the job that finished human gene group to measure order; Shanghai turns gene research center is turning the respect such as reactor of biology of gene mammary gland and clone goat research obtains significant progress. Base of medicine of Shanghai Zhang Jiang biology develops grand of Min of limited company vise general manager to say, at the outset the land that everybody is less than 3 square kilometer this piece without expect can make the scientific research with top-ranking whole world " gold area " , run a company as, the result that Zhang Jiang first phase obtains makes them very gratified, the biology medicine base that develops at present 2 period the project covers an area of an area to make an appointment with 1.5 square kilometer, complete development basically already construction and

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