Analysis: Push medical company from type of production to manage model change
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Business company medicine will run message 2008 on September 26 the environment nots allow hopeful: Low competition will still last; Cost pressure is increased ceaselessly, the raise on each cost such as motivation of raw material, the sources of energy, environmental protection, quality, artificial, capital; "New farming close " protect those who wait for a system to carry out with town doctor, be in while the industry brings tremendous opportunity, also bring an industry recombine, new round buy starting, each fore-and-aft layout of big competitor already all shaped, industry competition will be more intense. Review on ministry of career of medical group antibiotic the development course since 2002, we discover not hard, the enterprise already was formed in pattern of industrial catenary competition, the brand is managed, ability of international collaboration, own innovation is bred waited for a domain to come true to span type develops. Nevertheless, we still will be in effort henceforth the following 6 big fields enhance actual strength, do do by force big. Share resource of research and development, go " research and development is dominant " development road liberates a thought further, renew an idea, specific science and technology regards the core of the first productivity as the position, continue to make the administrative system that is helpful for breed and promoting own innovation capability and working mechanism, resource of research and development of ministry of integrated career, form is platform of officinal content research and development, industrialization research platform, new-style preparation technology platform, ferment technical platform, quality studies platform and abroad combination lab 6 technologies platform, build base of piece of river strategy research and development. In addition, we already still had further progress the new-style agent of medicaments, if permeate pump to accuse commentate the new approach giving drug such as preparation, small breast, new compound, raise the technical content of preparation breed and additional cost; product quality research brings into domain of key research and development, the poor dissimilation that passes science and technology and quality hard innovates, establish distinctive quality standard; Solve laborious of Fu of Bao of ketone of head Bao Pai, head to wait for product quality bottleneck thoroughly, innovate through product quality, hold the market competition dominant position of the product. Executive sale transition, means of change sale development and quality are current, the strategic principle that our sale works is: Executive sale transition, optimize constituent structure, improve sale efficiency, change sale develops means and quality. We will be passed establish sale headquarters, executive sale transition; Limit market fractionize product, make product of big blame mainstream; Carry out compressed change sale pattern, develop sale channel energetically implementation of this 3 big step books a target. Extend seed profit production, we will deepen the concept that transmits seed profit and method KPI management by objectives, quantify working performance: The production that realizes 100% above to main old product and the new product that push mainly plans the rate that finish; Client delivery rate achieves 90% above; The yield of head Bao and annual of penicillin product line can utilization rate is in 95% above; The control of percent of pass that produces base every months to produce all batch product each is in 95% above, the n of every batch achieves the 90% above of the academic n that quality branch offers. Additional, increase of essence of life production reachs promotion of raw material purchase department to each product line, subsidiary. Each manufacturer popularizes plan and target requirement to carry out seed profit to produce in the round according to seed profit production. If general application looks board management, 5S spot management, TMP (complete member safeguard) , SMED (change a pattern quickly) wait for science management method; Production of profit of the seed that start is pilot; Will " pull use formula " the platoon produces a method outspread purchase link to raw material, inventory of safety of set raw material, use DOM (raw material optimizes a method) wait for scientific method, the thought seed profit is perforative purchase whole process.

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