Osteoporosis treats new drug to develop peek market of 9.2 billion dollar
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Business company osteoporosis will treat question on September 24 the main breach dot that medicaments is not innovation of each medicine look forward to all the time. Their target just improves the use method of existing medicaments, comply with sexual problem what will solve a patient with this with medicine. But nowadays, medical look forward to begins to take the research of pair of this one domain seriously. Of new drug come out, treat what offer poor dissimilation for each estate patient the method 2007, global osteoporosis treats pharmaceuticals market to be 9.2 billion dollar, with was than amplitude 2006 6.1% . Acid of phosphine of class of acid of phosphine of a place of strategic importance of beauty of be apt to of blessing of medicaments of double phosphine acerbity salt, benefit, Yi and preparation of compound of Fu Shanmei D dominated basically this one market, held the market share of more than 70% . Besides medicaments of double phosphine acerbity salt, of sale close is alternative estrogen Yi Wei of conditioning agent accepting put oneself in another's position is special. Osteoporosis is the disease with disorder function of Ga of a kind of bone, main show drops for bone density of the patient, fracture danger sex is elevatory. Usually, density of character of 25 years old of people can achieve 20 ~ its peak value. The life factor such as the age, sexual distinction, environment and activity of such as physical strength and food also is met to bone density produce main effect. As the growth of the age, the growth that bone organizes speed is far the speed that cannot catch up with bone to lose, the risk of fracture is bigger and bigger also. Be being lost as a result of bone is a kind of advance gradually and painless process, accordingly, be in only after producing fracture, osteoporosis ability is diagnosed come out, this is forecasted with respect to what give pair of osteoporosis patients the throng brought a challenge. Even if is such, be in the United States only, in the crowd of 40 years old of above, there is a woman in every two women, there is a male to suffer the torment of the fracture that concerns with osteoporosis in every 4 males. The whole world has 200 million person to will suffer the torment of osteoporosis. "4 big King Kong " the curative owner of osteoporosis of of each has his strong point wants cent to be 4 kinds: Fall calcic conditioning agent of calcic element, bone, alternative estrogen gets body conditioning agent (SERMs) with hormone of the gland other armour shape (PTHs) . Fall calcic element is a kind of peptide kind hormone, can increase the calcic availability in airframe, urge form into bone, restrain bone to absorb. This medicaments is used at treating the osteoporosis that woman menopause appears after 5 years permissibly. This kind of hormone is right the person falls calcic element or come from salmon fall to calcic element undertakes gene is decorated and be obtained, appear on the market at present fall calcic element is rhinal sparge agent or injection. After rhinal sparge agent uses more than 1 year for a long time, can produce nose leakage, allergy and patient to be able to generate resentment. And injection will be right function of gastric bowel line produces an effect. In the patient that uses drug, the occurence rate of diarrhoea exceeds 10% . As new drug come out, this kind of medicaments is in descendent passageway. The Fu Shanmei that bone calcic conditioning agent included company of Sha Dong of such as silent, Sainuofei - Anmote and the benefit of treasure clean company fill in phosphine is acerbity, these are current osteoporosis treats " golden standard " medicaments. From the point of the near future, this kind of medicaments will still continue to dominate market of osteoporosis cure pharmaceuticals, but in recent years, the concussion that got copy pharmacy is brought inevitably. In this kind of medicaments new army the Nuo that included to won the United States and European approval 2007 China the choose peaceful of the company (Zometa) , this medicaments is used very convenient, need to give drug every year 1 times only. Still have was in 2005 the United States, Fu Shanmei D that appeared on the market permissibly in Europe 2006 (the preparation of medicine made of two or more ingredients of acid of A Lun phosphine and vitamin D) . The uses drug every months 1 times Yi class phosphine of company of collect family name is acerbity (Ibandronic Acid, Bonviva) also was in the United States 2005, appeared on the market permissibly in Europe 2006, use at treating an osteoporosis. This remedy is used every months of osteoporosis of first woman after be being used exclusively at menopause with heretofore 1 times

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