Consider to discover: The child has a fever to drop in temperature with alcohol
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When alcohol evaporates, potential ground dropped temperature. Accordingly, a lot of parents like to give the child that have a fever to drop in temperature with alcohol. Alcohol drops in temperature to apply in a lot of families very wide, occasionally the doctor also can be recommended use. But in newest first phase " paediatrics " on periodical, have research discovery, such doing can bring serious harm. Different third mellow alcohol (swab alcohol one kind, volatilize faster) the meeting is very quick be absorbed by the skin, can bring about alcoholism and other issue. Relevant research confirms on medical literature, drop in temperature with alcohol can bring about the child insensible, have research discovery additionally, adult drops in temperature with alcohol or reduce ache, can cause heart and neurological disease.
Actually, to the child of above of 1 one full year of life, take paracetamol, wash a Wen Shuizao, the alcohol that compare put on the skin more the canal is used.

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