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Hcy is egg ammonia acid the intermediate child in process of metabolization of human body cell. Consider to discover, when its content in human body blood exceeds certain chroma, can injure cell of small hemal endodermis, cause thrombus, to little blood vessel concentrated cerebra brings deadly menace, in causing cerebral soldier.

Blood-vessel of understanding of medicine of banquet of the leader of an alliance of couplet of heart of ill expert of famous heart and vessels, Asia-Pacific, China is ill credit can await a Hu Dayi of chairman committee member to point out, consider to make clear: Companion tall Hcy(is the same as model half Guang ammonia is acerbity) hypertensive, occupied in Chinese hypertensive crowd 75% . If hypertension is accompanied at the same time Hcy lifts, the risk in producing cerebral soldier will be as high as 12 times of healthy crowd.

The reason of Chinese Hcy general on the high side is many sided, and additional folic acid can make significantly reduce. In June 2007 portion, sino-US scientist is in famous medical magazine " Liu Xie knife " go up to publish a paper jointly " the assemble of the curative effect in soldier of head of precaution of additional folic acid analyses " discovery: Having the area of aggrandizement of food folic acid, folic acid of complement of profess to convinced can make the Hcy in blood drops more than 20% , make the risk in cerebral soldier drops significantly then 25% . The “2008 that this research just is published as a result year Europe is short of soldier of courage and uprightness to counteract brief sex to be short of hematic fit to manage guideline ” to cite as significant evidence.

Chinese scientist draws lessons from Jun Chenzun of motherland medicine “ to make the concept of ” , be in long-term and many clinical before over the foundation with clinical research, according to our country head high blood pressure of Hcy of tall hair, companion is high in soldier the characteristic of hair, yinapuli and the medicaments folic acid that reduce Hcy combine the medicaments remedial hypertension together, research and development goes out to depend on a leaf technically in the light of the medicaments of Chinese characteristic hypertension.

Hu Dayi says, big sample book is long-term and clinical in the precautionary head end that begins this experiment, will accompany tall Hcy hypertension to take the control that depend on a leaf for a long time, reduce cerebral end the serious illness such as medium, coronary heart disease produces a risk to provide evidence of substantial abide card medicine. Also aux will be able to is in solving soldier of our country head send this one great and public wholesome issue high, offer program.

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