China will start the most large-scale precaution in cerebral soldier clinical tr
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It is group leader unit by hospital of Beijing University people, clinical trial will start the head of the most large-scale precaution that internal medicine of internal medicine of heart of 300 hospitals of countrywide, senile division, nerve enlists in soldier. This experiment will bring into patient of hypertension of sex of 15000 former hair, much center, random, double blind, parallel contrasts along with visit 4 years, the occurence rate in residing the cerebral one of the pieces in Chinese chess that does not play high for a long time to reduce our country and mortality offer more effective treatment program and curative content combination, it is individual the establish that changes remedial plan provides a basis.

This clinical trial, will depend on folic acid of that general benefit quite directly piece (abbreviation depends on a leaf) the curative effect of the risk in reducing end of brain of patient of the primary high blood pressure that send a gender with onefold use Yinapuli.

Depending on a leaf is by China the has own intellectual property one apperception of research and development learns medicaments of medicine made of two or more ingredients. It is Chinese scientist gives our country technically common the companion of much hair has serous tall Hcy(to be the same as model half Guang ammonia is acerbity) the medicaments that hypertensive patient quantity of the level has something made to order personally.
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