The expert says new pharmaceuticals bracket increases a doctor to treat complex
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For example, of Endeavor Sprint of bracket of wash out of the 2nd acting medicaments get together more content is PC (phosphorous acyl choline) technology, PC imitate the structure of the film outside red blood cell, have biology consistence of height, can enclothe the support of distinctive module type that using solid and withy cobaltic alloy to make over. This kind of structure makes a rope for towing a boat the main force of bracket is extremely flowing and small, lap bracket surely thereby separate with blood stream in arterial wall. With bracket of other remedy wash out get together more substance appearance is compared, the hydrophily of PC is the strongest, send phlogistic sex and lowest of thrombus source sex, the result of animal model and clinical research also shows Endeavor endodermis changes degree and endodermis function most ideal. The late hair thrombus of Endeavor is led (after a year) apparent under bracket of wash out of generation medicaments; In the meantime, again the odds of undergo surgery is maintained in low-level, the phenomenon of terminal without “ pursuant ” , namely the patient is in operation a year subsequent clinical symptom needs again the odds of the operation is extremely low. Under photograph comparing, the old generation bracket that appears on the market in China before 2005 appears “ is terminal the phenomenon of pursuant ” is more.

Expert scholar thinks, bracket of Endeavor Sprint medicaments has exceedingly good security and effectiveness data at the same time, the PC technology of consistence of its height biology had crucial effect, the research and development of bracket of medicaments wash out that also gives future new generation pointed out direction.

Of “ medicaments bracket come out, solved bracket of raw naked metal the issue with again narrow high rate, accordingly, curative effect is outstanding. And Endeavor Sprint bracket, not only curative effect is outstanding, and still solved medicaments bracket terminal thrombus leads the security issue with nakedder metal tallish bracket. Carry easily again, suffer from to disease for scar is less, to the doctor, the assurance that copes with complex pathological changes is taller. Accordingly, endeavor Sprint is medicaments bracket another breakthrough. In addition, compliance of this kind of bracket is good, yi Zhi is entered, more agree with the blood-vessel with labyrinthian coronary artery. To operation skill not be very adept medical skill, they encounter difficulty possibly when too complex pathological changes, can have the appearance that bracket is impassable sometimes. Endeavor Sprint passes a gender outstandingly to reduce the happening of this kind of circumstance, reduced economic burden of the patient. ”When total hospital of Shenyang military region Professor Han Yaling is introducing relevant data, point out.

On Feburary 1, 2008, FDA passes the system of support of Endeavor medicaments wash out that approved production of company of beautiful honest power to be used at treating coronary artery disease with full. Endeavor is FDA approves support of wash out of medicaments of first when appear on the market new generation since 2004. Endeavor Sprint is the 2nd generation of Endeavor.
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