Discovery: The man appears erect functional obstacle may be heart disease augura
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British medicine expert says 22 days, the doctor erects the male normally functional obstacle regards ” of individual “ lifestyle as the problem, and ignoring this is heart disease augural.

British Birmingham urologist of hospital of Gu Dehuo general · Ha Ke says Geoffrey especially, attention erects the importance of functional obstacle depends on, this kind of symptom is the omen with little arterial occurrence ill blood vessel, can come 2 years 3 years before the heart attack early-warning.

He says, a large number of evidence make clear suffer from erect functional obstacle person, suffer from heart disease odds to increase one times, risk of heart occurrence problem is higher than the ordinary person 50 % , with in risk of sicken of the person that spend smoking comparatives. But, the doctor is not advertent these problems.

Hakete is in " British medicine magazine " write in weekly, although “ is put in such evidence, we were not in however 2 model diabetic with the sieve in patient of coronary heart disease Cha Bo removes the semiotic ” with low level of hormone of bolus of functional obstacle He Gao, and a few medicaments that treat coronary heart disease are met aggravate erects functional obstacle.

He writes: “ if doctor of heart disease specialized subject erects to the word feels uncomfortable and continue to ignore these issues because of alluding to the patient, make clinical error possibly, your person cannot be accepted. ”

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