The mother breeds feed can prevent maternal breast cancer and children effective
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Passed incident of ” of door of “ milk powder, more mothers begin to choose mother milk feed, the hope makes sure with this the child's health grows, and what perhaps you still do not understand is, feed the breast that feed a mother to a mother, its healthy sense exceeds the profit to the baby possibly even.

Foundation of world cancer research (Hong Kong) the Chinese edition that issued activity of “ food, nutrition, body and cancer to prevent ” expert to report at was in Beijing in October 2008, its purpose is to drive China to strengthen from lifestyle proceed with, reduce the happening of cancer. Breed about the mother among them the problem of feed, be emphasized jointly by each country expert.

Prevent maternal breast cancer and ovarian cancer

According to international nutrition science union chairman Ricardo Uauy introduces, to the mother, the lactation protection to breast cancer of menopause early days and ovarian cancer action evidence is very sufficient. The cancerous hair rate of the mother with lactation baby longer time may be lower. Feed the hormonal level that the breast that feed a mother can concern with cancer inside body of bring down mother, in the meantime, feed after the breast that feed a mother, outside the cellular eduction body that the body still can be destroyed gene of the heredity inside the breast, reduce thereby suffer from on the risk of breast cancer.

Precautionary children overweights reduce cancer risk

Long-term since, a lot of parents of China always hope the child grows more quickly to had been jumped over, bodily form has been jumped over greatly more, however this is not first-rate grows standard. Consider to show, crucial period grows of adolescence quickly especially the dangerous sex that may increase certain cancer, and adjust life inchoate prandial, nutrition, grow, body activity and body part pattern may conduce to reduce this kind of dangerous sex.

In the meantime, at present already sufficient evidence confirms, accept a mother to breed the fat rate of the children of feed is reduced, the development of ability of the intelligence of children, motion also breeds with the mother feed is concerned.

Reduce diabetic contract risk with HIV

Except growing besides the benefit of development respect, lactation is reduced possibly still with risk of a few diseases closely related. The infant of mother milk feed suffers from I model diabetic the odds with leukaemia is lower. With from be born to accept complete mother to breed feed photograph is compared, accept solid food and animal breast prematurely to be able to increase the dangerous sex that HIV transmits, this are already clear.

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