American scientist finds nerve yuan with the communication agency between muscle
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The researcher of American Qiao Zhiya college of medicine expresses, they found help nerve successfully yuan with the vehicle that permanent communication builds between muscle cell, when thinking this agency may produce disease of nutrient obstacle sex in muscle, appear to mutate and suffer attack.

It is reported, what researcher finds is to connect collect albumen (the albumen between Agrin) and MuSK. Collecting albumen is by motorial yuan release direct compose to build nerve and muscle dash forward touched albumen; The surface of cell of muscle of MuSK consist in, it can cause decisive ben “ to communicate ” , produce nerve thereby yuan dash forward touch and let what can accept special statement suffer body to gather in proper place.

Mei Lin of director of biology of nerve of development of Qiao Zhiya college of medicine (transliteration) the doctor expresses, collect the problem that did not undertake direct communication is to made people long-term feel bemused in the past between albumen and MuSK. He and work in the same placing gave out now the answer, because they discover collecting albumen is above all,undertake with the LRP4 albumen of surface of cell of muscle of same consist in “ chats ” , suck MuSK subsequently close to attend “ to chat ” .

Will publish on October 23 " nerve yuan " on the magazine, researcher published their research paper. Article the first author, Zhang Bin that does postdoctoral research in lab of Dr. Mei Lin (transliteration) say, LRP4 and MuSK are to form what muscle cell place needs, the main component that can receive those who collect albumen information to accept put oneself in another's position.

Mei Lin expresses, it is very important that we know to collect albumen and MuSK and mutual need. However long-term since, consist in should study the difficult problem of the domain is the evidence that did not communicate between them. New published research paper shows, LRP4 albumen the bridge that in them both form of a Chinese character removed ideal, solved the doubts and suspicions of people.

Collect the signal passageway between albumen and MuSK and disease of sex of muscle nutrition obstacle relevant couplet, nerve of this disease cause of disease yuan, the communication between muscle cell and them goes out to show an issue and bring about people to lose muscle to control capacity. Ever research report expresses, the oneself antibody of the MuSK of mutation and MuSK discovered in the blood of certain patient. Now, after the decisive action that recognized LRP4 albumen, researcher will check the patient check-up sample that they suspect, the form that seeks mutation at the same time and the oneself antibody that appear in the light of mutation. In addition, zhang Bin expresses, whether are they still understanding LRP4 albumen the terminal development of nerve muscle contact and the function with in maintaining, be had particular.

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