Australia considers to show the homosexual may be formed with gene about
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Australian researcher says 26 days, a few people are put in bias to queer, consider as lifestyle the problem of the choice, but consider to make clear, the homosexual may be formed with gene about.

Vinson of researcher of research center of medicine of prince of Henry of university of assorted of Australian Mo Na is special · Halley leads group of a research, the gene that loves the man to 112 homosexualities male sex and 258 opposite sexes undertook contrast.

Result discovery, the androgen inside the homosexual man body of 55.4% bears body gene longer, the opposite sex of 47.6% loves the androgen inside male body to bear body gene longer.

Researcher says, androgen bears body gene longer and likely bring about testosterone signal to transmit weak, testosterone is decision development the crucial factor that male of acknowledge of inchoate cerebra sexual distinction changes.

Consider to think, testosterone level is inferior and likely cause male cerebra development period male changes a course not complete, bring about female of sexual acknowledge apt.

Report of this one research is published in newest first phase " biology is psycho " on the magazine.