Day considers to make clear: Drink chicken broth to be able to fall effective ma
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A new research of Japanese makes clear, drink chicken broth to be able to help hypertensive patient reduce blood pressure, the collagen protein that because chicken is medium,contains has similar fall nervous element changes blood-vessel of ACE(of blood pressure medicaments enzymatic) the action of depressor.

Japanese flesh kind the researcher that machines center of company research and development has a test from albumen of collagen of the extraction in gallinaceous claw, examine whether does it have the effect like ACE depressor. Result discovery, there is albumen of 4 kinds of collagens to have similar action in gallinaceous claw.

Researcher is fed to the rat that has high blood pressure subsequently fed these collagen albumen, the blood pressure that discovers rat as a result drops apparently. The collagen albumen that researcher is studying how to use chicken place to contain will treat hypertension.

Report, foregoing research already discovered, the amount that collagen protein contains in pigeon breast flesh can't be made fall blood pressure food and medicaments, but the collagen albumen amount that contains in drumstick and gallinaceous claw should be gotten more much.