Japan considers to discover: Eat quickly and eat full person Yi Chao to weigh
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" British medicine magazine " weekly website carries 21 days civil point out, japanese researcher investigates discovery, eat speed fast and the person that has to feel full all the time overweights odds is to eat slow and 3 times of abstinent person.

Condition of Osaka university Yi is wide health (transliteration) in studying with his colleague, be in to the age 1122 30 males that reach 69 years old and 2165 females undertake tracking investigating, the dietary habit that collects them and height weight (BMI index) make an analysis.
Have in investigation about male of half the number and exceed female of half the number to state they are used to eating full; Near male of half the number has a meal with more than 1/3 female fast.
The habit eats full person to overweight than eating the person of stop where it should stop probability is one times higher; Eat already full the person that has quickly again overweights than the person that is used to without these two probability is high double.

Yi condition is wide health research group writes in the paper: “ eats habitual combination two kinds this to have strong thrust movement to use to overweighting. ”

Australian dietetics Buddhist nun of red of white · of domestic Yi Lisha - Wilson and Er of shellfish of bank of Ka Lun · publish a comment to say to this findings: “ food consumption is changing as the society. Fewer now family meets family person sit together to have a meal, more person is not absorption when have a meal. People has " snack " , all these are to be being driven eat …… quickly in addition, people comparing obtains relatively cheap food more easily before, these food energy are high and install in be being packed greatly, make people eat next comparing to need more heft. ”