Bay research says: Lack content of D of illumination man dimension inadequacy is
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According to " Australian news " report, australia considers to discover about barren, the man that cannot make the spouse is pregnant is put generally in the phenomenon with vitamin insufficient D.

It is important that the researcher of Sydney analysed male barren the DNA of element —— spermatozoon ruptures frequency, to result be filled with amazement. Sunshine is the main source of vitamin D, and vitamin D conduces to adjust the content of calcium and phosphor, so that form healthy skeleton. Doctor of gram of Annie · carat checked birth expert

Nearly 800 suffer from not the man blood of Yo problem, the vitamin D that discovery contains inside body of nearly 1/3 man under normal level.

Australia is infecund not gram of carat of director of medicine of Yo treatment center says: “ has a very clear case in these men, the amino acerbity —— that concerns with cellular noxiousness in blood namely is tall acid content of half Guang ammonia increases, the acid content of important matter leaf of the healthy cell that is the same as stylish is insufficient. ”

She expresses, they did not think of to be able to have this kind of result at all. Carat gram says: What “ makes a person amazed is, the man that transforms lifestyle and compensatory vitamin D agrees in research not Yo problem gets clear improvement. Everybody knows, vitamin D and folic acid inadequacy are the same as the woman is infecund about. But, the result that the examination that has to the man in research reachs gives person accident completely. ”

This birth expert points out, concern basks the reason that can contracting epithelial skin cancer may be inadequacy of man vitamin D. She says: “ because our research result, the case that somebody considers probably to know whether more people have vitamin D to be not worth and it has He Ying to ring to bearing. ”

In Bulisi class country bears the research data that publishs on the conference 20 days to show, in 794 men that accept a test, the person of 58% has taller DNA to rupture frequency. The smoke of the give up before about 100 men agree to beginning to accept birth treatment, intake coffeine and alcohol falls to keep away from completely perhaps to lowest these two kinds of material, reduce weight and vitamin and antioxidant content add inside 3 months. The result shows, the spermatozoon quality of most person gets clear improvement, the man of 40% realizes clinical conception, the man nature of 11% becomes pregnant.

Carat gram says: “ without doubt, our research makes clear as a result, change lifestyle and compensatory vitamin D conduce to improvement sterility. ”