analysis of spot market of 4 Asias crude
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Zhou Siya continent enlighten do obeisance to futures of crude oil of follow at sb' heels of crude spot market to rise. Will deliver the goods in May enlighten every pails of 59.06 dollars when doing obeisance to crude oil merchandise on hand to receive city, day trades to rise before comparing 0.59 dollars. In June / in May enlighten do obeisance to crude oil price difference every pails of 0.58 dollars; Cloth human relations is special in May / enlighten do obeisance to crude oil period to show exchange value every pails of price difference 2.45 dollars, cloth human relations is special in June / enlighten do obeisance to period show exchange value every pails of price difference 2.69 dollars.

The Saudi Arabia reduces crude oil supply, price difference of fuel oily splitting decomposition increases, oman crude oil and spot market of other heavy qualitative crude oil continue to be propped up. The Oman crude oil of lading will compare official sale price every pails May tall 20 cent. What will deliver the goods May is medium maritime crude oil has sold the Qatar of qualitative tall sulfur almost, sale price of every bucket comparing government is high 15 cent.

The 3 boats that sale of book of mark of monthly of organization of Qatar Petroleum Company will deliver the goods May each 600 thousand pails heavy qualitative tall sulfur crude oil of dust Er sanded laborious, on March 16 stop sign, defer of period of efficacy 2 days. Selling quantity is the same as lading will be measured April. Because the Saudi Arabia cut down the contract of heavy qualitative crude that supplies to Asian client to measure, the result of this mark book may support the market, give the market definite way.

Vietnam is state-owned head office of oil imports and exports is sold through mark book in May of 7-13 day lading 450 thousand pails rash than crude oil, on March 19 stop sign. This company sold the Lu Biyuan oil of the same amount that will deliver the goods April to give Aikesenmei inspire confidence in sb last, oil of Si Yuan of every pails of accept that compare rice is tall 3 dollars. Because be opposite recently demand of Vietnam crude oil is exuberant, predicting price will continue strong.

State-owned Petroleum Company decides sri lanka Ceylon to Iran through mark book state-owned Petroleum Company is bought will pledge gently to the Iran of the bank 1 million pails May crude oil, in order to replace crude oil of a few Oman. This company and Iran have contract concern, iran is same outside offerring a contract 1-10 day will arrive in May bank crude oil.

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